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  1. To contribute to what others have said giving ECs better weapons or more health wouldn’t solved the problem that when being a ECsometimes the equipment isn’t suitable for the situation. For example often the ECs aren’t given a short range weapons only causing them not able to give the imperial a serious treat over a longer distance. This causes the ECs to be spawned right on top of the imperials that comes with its own set of rp problems. Basically summing up I think the load outs given to ECs need to be more flexible or specific to what they need for a situation instead of the generic load outs for all situations.
  2. I agree with most of what you have to say however the way things were in the past wasn’t fun either. ECs once could have over 1500 hp meaning it would take an entire squad of troopers to kill a single rebel. which makes no sense in rp. further more I think mainly the balance right now is fine 1 trooper or 2 should take one average ec, cis droids and rebels aren’t that strong
  3. “There are somethings more straightening than death” Looking forward to someone channeling a little more of this stuff
  4. +1 - Highly committed community member - Mature - Reliable - Good application Good luck Commander
  5. -1 App requires detail Haven't seen quality's deserving of this position Though willing to change my position in the future. Good Luck
  6. A battle worn one with scratches, blood and a kill count tally marks
  7. +1 - Has detail - Imaginative ideas - Active - Mature Good luck Novice - Swift
  8. +1 Takes RP seriously Good Application Nice guy VERY ACTIVE Good luck Hades
  9. +1 - active - friendly - brings good RP to his in character role - application requires further development Good luck 😉
  10. YaBoiSwift

    Goodbye Misahu

    We had some good chats your RP presence will be missed. My best wishes
  11. Neutral Event ideas need detail although they do show promise Prior experience is good Ive only seen you around the ship a couple of times
  12. -1 Needs to be thought out more and to add more detail
  13. • Good well thought out application • knowledgeable • Previous Staff experience +1 Best wishes
  14. Swift's Event Master Application Steam Name:[IG] Swift Age:16 Steam ID: 76561198153261696 In Game Name and Rank: Apprentice Technician Swift Time Played (Server Time): Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): None Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): No this is the first server that I've been committed enough to a Gmod server to consider applying for a Staff position. Why you applying to be an event master: I am applying to be an Event Master because over my past couple of months of playtime I've participated in many events, some unique, others indistinguishable from previous ones, because of this, it has inspired me to come up with many of my own ideas that if I became an event master I would be able to translate into fun and engaging events. My other reason is I because i believe being a Staff member on a large server like IG would give me the behind the scenes knowledge on how Garry's Mod servers are run and what it takes to keep them running this I believe will give me a new found appreciation for the staff members that have put hard work to keep this community thriving like it is today. Past my own ambitions Becoming an Event master to me would become a way I can give back to the community that has given me the opportunity to meet so many cool people and make awesome and something hilarious memories. What can you bring to the event master team: One of my best attributes I will bring to the team is my willingness and eagerness to learn and adapt to any role I put my mind to. This enables me to put in the hard work were necessary to complete the tasks expected of me. Along with my longtime passion and commitment to all things star wars, this far extends past the main feature-length films and sprawls into the awesome and sometimes weird extended universe. This has given me a wide and extensive knowledge of lore that will be invaluable in providing me as an event master with inspiration. Another useful attribute is my ability to analyze and think critically, this will be useful when narrowing down my ideas and deciding which ideas are viable and will work with the current systems on the server. What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative: In my experience from previous events and taking note of the following polls I have deduced that the most popular events are ones that involve most of the regiments, so in the majority of my events, I will devise roles for as many regiments as long as they're relevant to the scenario before-hand. Another notable innovation I can include in my events is to make the scenarios more lore based and lore friendly. This would translate to having my characters associated with lore groups, character and events, for example instead of having nondescript Mandalorians I would make it known that there from house Ren I would do this by implementing ecomms messages from an experienced and trusted role player. I believe that these small ideas if implemented will improve others immersion and will better engage the players as a whole. Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: No but I'm willing to learn. Anything else you would like to add: I wanted to acknowledge and thank some of the current event masters for their helpful advice. Event Ideas 1/2 In Doc form https://docs.google.com/document/d/19E3VrBHCl_LQoYMjca0EAzgRCAYcqohG9VgQFI8aJJo/edit?usp=sharing Terms of applying: 1. You may bump your application every 7 days after the last bump/post (1 week) 2. Any user may provide feedback by +1 and or -1 your application 3. Advertising your application in OOC, chat box, personally telling people and any sort of social media will lead to your application denied 4. Failing to answer questions can lead to your app being denied 5. False information can lead to your application being denied 6. Failing to meet the requirements can lead to either your app being put on hold or denied 7. Must have more than 3 days on the server 8. To Clarify, you do NOT need to know the basic ULX commands however we prefer you learn before being accepted 9. Asking for help from staff and/or past staff members will result in your application being denied, to avoid this you may look over accepted event apps to use as inspiration but not copied. Agreement: I accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.
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