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  1. Steam & Personal Details Steam Name:Varifa / grizzly bear Steam ID: 76561198300203832 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198300203832 Current Age: 18 ARMA 3 Details Do you own ARMA 3: Yes (2004 hours) In Game Name: Raptor ARMA Player ID: Applicants History & Reasons Recruited By (If Applicable): none Have you had any warns or Bans on any of Imperial Gaming's Servers in the last 6 months (If so state them): nope Have you had any Mil-Sim experience (If so state them): I was in the 212th for a about 4 months What role/s do you believe you are suited for in our Clone Wars Mil-Sim (Section Commander, 2IC, AT, Heavy, Medical, Marksman or Rifleman): Rifleman Have you had any experience in these roles: Yes Why did you decide to apply for our Clone Wars Mil-Sim Unit: It'd be nice to get back in to it What do you believe you can bring to one of our Clone Wars Mil-Sim Sections: Good banter and loyality Can you usually attend our event times (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 6:30pm AEST for a 7:30pm AEST Start) and if not will give acceptable notice to your Section Commander: Yes and yes Scenarios You see an enemy section approach from the North-East and you have not been detected. What do you do?: Announce the the bearings of the target to the squard lead and wait for an orders. You notice a friendly body on the ground and they are unresponsive. What do you do?: Pull them to a safe location and then call over the squad medic. You notice on a scouting patrol that another section is under heavy fire. What do you do?: notify squad lead or any higher ups of the situation, I see how their wish to proceed