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  1. First of all thanks everyone for awesome feed back, honestly I can't wait to hope back into IG

    Second, the name of this commander is Kyonis Leader of COLD Company 

    Thirdly, remake of a clone trooper of Commander Keller into a stormtrooper (his outfit looks awesome :))

    Fourthly, planning the designs for an g-mod 3D model to be put into addons

    Fifth, apparently I got a reply to my design from the makers of the canon version of galactic civil war I'll find out what he said soon 

  2. Drawing these stormtroopers in hopes I get into a top creative media and arts academy. Anyway say hello to commander Kryosis. Also disclamer I have sent these to where people think these drawings go so I hope I get some feedback from the company I'm copyrighting from. And for anyone that would like to know anything about him, note I've got a backstory, regiment name, requirments in getting in his regiment, specialising in various fields and who his rival is in IHC. So if you want to know about the guy please come message me or I'll put a post up about him and disscusing him. More art will be coming on the way if requested.909614284_Photoon12-11-2018at5_09am.thumb.jpg.06a76b3e68c2652815dd472cecd4994b.jpg1358750926_Photoon12-11-2018at5_08am.thumb.jpg.79e8234533c772ac71e5eba3a2695a02.jpg

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  3. I love the thought of doing this it's a brilliant idea I would even join the regiment myself if there was an opportunity. However in my mind we should wait until the new map comes out because there mite be more opportunities to place the sith troops. But its still a phat +1 from me

  4. We may not have known each other and talked as much on the server, but I have seen you around here and there on the server doing your upmost best to pleases everyone on the server. I can respect that, I myself am trying to make friends with everyone and trying to please everyone in events by comms'ing in to be apart of the community and get an upper hand on the server (recognition). 

    I know its a little late and to far gone farewell my friend, you'll be missed. 

  5. On 9/10/2018 at 4:26 PM, Ramirez said:

    All the Black Ops have been great. It probably won't beat Fortnite for one reason. Fortnite is free. I think it will still be good and will be like all others Black Ops were. Personally I will be getting so the game night should be fun, if you can get the numbers.

    There is no campaign it's all multiplayer and zombies which I'll still buy

  6. Thank you to everyone for your responses. Yes, I understand, however my only hope was that there was a second hand in-activity log that could be put onto the forums for people that uninstalled steam due to various problems *ahem* to many add-ons, bug, discord malfunction and etc. However, if this is the case than by all means, don't create a second hand in-activity log. 

  7. Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well.


    I think its well established that I've not been on the server for a while now. My absence for anyone wanting to know, if anyone on the forums lives in NSW you'll understand, but my high school career is finally coming to an end (6 weeks, 2 for graduation, 2 for holidays and 2 for exams or 3) meaning that after all the stress and exams are over, I'll be able to return to my normal duties being on the server. This also means that I can't join for that period of time for I and everyone else in year 12 will be studying for their life hehe.

    This absence of mine, sparked an idea for regiments on the server. What if, we could also put an in-activity report for each regiment on the forums? Now I understand that there is a chat log on discord and that you have to tell your commanders about your leave of absence, however some players can't reach communication hubs like discord or TS and therefore may resort to using either the steam chat which can be reliable, however not efficient in creating a report for the whole regiment to see. Resorting to the forums I believe is a great way in insuring that our inactivity log was put through. Also in say this there should also be a template (optional) like the EM, PAC3 etc applications to log and report a leave of absence from the reg. Remember, I've said this to a trooper in-game your duties IRL are more important than that of the virtual world.

    I'll attempt to make a comeback on random occasions on the server so I can be apart of the community that I'll be leaving for a while.

    To anyone who's expecting me in-game, sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

    I look forward to seeing all of you in-game


    Kindest Regards

    From Cryo 

  8. 3 minutes ago, funyguy1 said:

    Okay, How about we forget the weapons altogether, they were a sidenote anyways. Maybe you're right and I do just need to get use to them we will see in time. Can we direct our attention towards the skins now though

    Skins are fine and the weapons need a better update, however tfa base won't get to that just yet

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  9. Just now, Snow said:

    Look, first of all, I think the model change may be good for different classes however

    I believe that the weapons are fine and maybe you just want better weapons for yourself. 

    I agree 

  10. Just now, Sudo said:

    Ok as I believe this thread has gone out of hand and in my opinion pointless I will leave you with the following statements;

    1) Nova Troopers are an attack regiment within our server

    2) Nova Troopers have attempted multiple times to change their load outs and have been rejected 

    3) E-11Ds are for Death Troopers and Chimaera

    4) If you would like to be a guarding regiment; Do not run away from Government Personel during events (NO MATTER WHAT RANK - DONT LEAVE THEM)


    Sudo, read about the Nova troopers please 

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  11. 1 minute ago, Sudo said:

    Yes, I can agree that Chimaera are a custom regiment created by the management team but their main purpose from day 1 was to guard Navy and Thrawn,

    Half of that is true, I just read that nova troopers are an elite version of shock troopers and they were part of the "thrawns revenge" scheme 

  12. 13 minutes ago, Sudo said:

    Well,  Chimaera was created and implemented onto the server to be the 'Naval Guards' which explains their importance and why they are so OP with the E-11D. Nova, on the other hand, is an attack regiment which applied to be a guarding regiment of Government.

    Chimera isn't a real regiment in any lore based starwars stuff, where as nova troopers are, however regarding the weapon change stick to the lore and before you guys go off at me the west isn5 a weapon used by nova

  13. Its memory so you might have too many add-ons, so you wanna disable them all or un-subscribe, once you've done that uninstall and delete any folders in the steam files containing G-mod, then re-install you're G-mod game, before you launch the game sometimes going onto the server may still not work, so you might want to add a key into your G-mod launch setting by right clicking on your game, going to properties and then click the set launch options. Once you've done that, find a key online that suit your computers memory and set it in the launch options. After all that load your game without the addons and try reaching the server. If you're able to, quit the game and get the addons back. Be mind full there is an add-on that can causes you to crash that has the title /bebas. something. Any further questions? feel free to ask me and I'll respond as quickly and as honestly as I can.


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