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  1. I've really enjoyed being a part of this community and being on the staff team, for the most part, however I've become very bored of gmod and have been enjoying other things in life. Thanks for the good times boys and girls. Can't really be bothered tagging a bunch of people but I'm sure you know who you are so thanks for being cool <3.
  2. Jesis I would like to win a good night kiss.
  3. My favourite LO has made an introduction
  4. Hope to see you back on the server soon
  5. Jman uses the stare tactic on me all the time and it is very scary.
  6. Will miss you bro. We had some good times.
  7. +1 for ban removal. It was a very long time ago and what you did, although very dishonest, I believe with the detail and the time that you have been banned you have been given punishment enough.
  8. Lincoln second point, "Second of all, you shooting someone because they are trying to arrest you or your friend is not "valid" when discussing the OOC terms of RDM, and it is highly unlikely that you would have reacted like that if you were actually a Storm Trooper in the Star Wars universe" This is what I will always refer in sits. I'm not aware of the reasoning for your arrest however if it was for something small, there is no way you would resort to murder to avoid that arrest.
  9. -1 Don't think we really need music and it can often be annoying.
  10. Will miss you bro <3
  11. Cya bro, you took those rebel blaster bolts like a champ... and the pk's as well of course <3
  12. IGN: Jesis Wintoh Thanks @Bailey for the beautiful pic
  13. Jesis

    ISD Update

    Looks great! Can't wait until it is added onto the server
  14. Gonna miss you, you not-a-keycard-scanner.
  15. Well.. I'm not a trooper for a reason.
  16. Jesis

    Golden Garrick

    Oh it's beautiful
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