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  1. @Carnifex issue has been resolved, requesting for this post to be moved to solved.
  2. Cya man, hope to see you around on CloneWars some time, best of luck. Hopefully when you come back you can duel
  3. Thank you Whitey for everything you've done. O7
  4. both the same link lol, we also have cargo 1 and 2, mandolorians would be cool as something to change up events, SWTOR props would also be pretty dope. +1
  5. How dare you show the secrets of Yikes Jedi Scum?!? Also Roblox Player and Fortnite on your Desktop? Epic.
  6. Welcome back dood, hope to see you on clonewars
  7. HOW DARE YOU APHRODITE?!?!?!?!?!?!? YOU MINGE, YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW. I'll miss you bby, you better still be around on ts3. <3
  8. Wow, leaking Jedi Operations. Demoted to Baby.
  9. Nice, I wonder what amazing person was playing Grievous in that
  10. Why's your font so massive, what da hek. I'm glad the defcon numbers protected our secret.
  11. Shepard

    Poker is Great

    feelsbadman, rickle steals all my credits at poker anyway
  12. Awesome, Thanks Vanilla
  13. Who are you again? Have fun man, I'll miss you big jojo fan 3000.
  14. Top 10 most overpowered anime characters
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