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  1. Cya man, best of luck with school and getting that degree
  2. Yikes, didn't expect to see this, Ciao.
  3. Shepard

    Good Memories

    @Luigi Will always be Anakin Skywalker in my heart
  4. I'll miss you man, had some good times, first met you when you were piss drunk randomly talking about my T-Mod app, went to CWRP and you were my fellow Padawan and to Santos, best of luck with year 12, hope to see you come back during the holidays, you were a great guy to be around and a friend to everyone.
  5. Welcome back nerd. Something about me is I don't like that Padawan Kaneki guy... oh wait.
  6. Fix the link my dude, I'm defs in, best knife fighter in the world.
  7. Shepard


    For your bans the ones on the database are: With your events, they seem rather short and they don't show the HP, Equipment or models for your EC's. The rest of your application is well done though, so it's a NEUTRAL leaning towards a +1 from me. Best of luck.
  8. Looking forward to playing on it, looks nice. good luck for everyone switching over.
  9. Cya man, didn't talk with you much, but you did heaps for the staff and support team, thank you for everything you did. I hope to see you return sometime in the future, best of luck with your future endeavors.
  10. Best of luck man, if CWRP ever comes back I hope to see you return.
  11. Cya Mayor Retep, hope to see you return.
  12. I'll miss you bby, hope to see you return.
  13. Definitely @Parcy's mouse droid event.
  14. Was extremely fun, had a lot of great memories, thank you everyone that played on it for making it such a blast, looking forward to the order 66 event that will finish it all off.
  15. Cya man, had some good times, hope to see you again in the future. Always enjoyed the RP you created, even when it was you spying on everyone's comms.
  16. Look at dis dood, grats on del meeko man. You'll always be a Shadow Trooper in my eyes.
  17. @Vadrian @Happy Time for more minecraft?
  18. Already got arma 3, just never played it rip.
  19. Woah, is that a jojo reference?!? Defs Breakdown, see mah boy Koichi
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