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  1. Shepard


    You forgot the part where you all nearly drowned to death in a small cave
  2. +1 would be a good Sovereign Protector Moderator
  3. Who is this guy lmao

    1. Zote


      idk man wth

    2. Splonter


      whoever sees this message is a g

  4. +1 Has made amazing pacs in the past, good and active member of the community and has also taught people how to use pac3.
  5. Thank you Bailey and John, Very Cool. and Zote
  6. +1 Was a great admin on cwrp, knows what he's doing.
  7. Got told it was at 8, at 6 I got told we had won, 200 iq plays.
  8. Hello, It's been a fun ride over the year and a bit that I've been a part of this community but it's time for me to say adieu, and resign from moderator and probably the community. IG has been quite fun for me, from Imperial to Clonewars to Santos and back to Imperial, I've made a lot of great memories here and made a lot of friends. Honorable mentions: Obviously the CloneWars bois: @Bailey @Happy @Delta @Marlu @Luigi @Vadrian @Mongo @SiegeMonkey @John @Rickle @Jeb @Aphrodite @Peter Had a lot of fun on Clonewars with you boys, was a blast, thank you for making my time on clonewa
  9. Same man, what the heck. Massive +1 for my boy scorch
  10. Got the game with the pre-order as well, got it with a bunch of friends because we thought we could play together, sadly we couldn't. I'm glad they kept going with the game and have added some great free expansions. If anyone wants to play some hmu
  11. Cya man, I'll have to carry you in CS:GO sometime.
  12. RIP Jedi Knight Steve Shepard, Will be missed.
  13. You and slice both big dum dum. Thankfully both of you got your shiz back.
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