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  1. Idk man, he didn't let us into IHC 👀 +1
  2. Agreed, man did a hit me and I felt betrayed. +1
  3. Think you mean Zuckuss, dumb bug. +1 good dude
  4. massive, just like this +1 Good dude, ran one of my favourite events
  5. +1 Jones is a dope dude, always making sure he doesn't break nlr, always being friendly and not caring if he gets taken hostage and always makes sure he doesn't break any rules. Some of your answers could use a little more detail, but that can easily be edited. Need to put yourself out there more, haven't had much interactions apart from you arresting me / me kidnapping or killing you. Best of luck man
  6. +1 Watches my streams for some reason
  7. Honestly, biggest win was !nlr was added
  8. Don't think the first part is really necessary Gonna go Neutral till you update it with better shiz
  9. Just let COs and 2ICs in 275th grant permission for spec and heavy equipment and make using them without a good reason have RP repercussions
  10. +1 Ran good events Maybe this time management will approve your pacs
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