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  1. Cya Mongo, I'll miss you man, had some great times on clonewars, forcing me to push a bantha and trying to watch @Happy and I as younglings with @LimeStrider Best of luck with the future, I hope to see you return, if you ever need to talk just poke me on ts man. where my @ tho?
  2. Blew me up with smart launcher, plz ban. Nah but, welcome, don't really remember you from clonewars but seen you around heaps.
  3. Shepard

    Im back

    Welcome Back
  4. Shepard

    Kumo's Party

    Imagine not adding where we kept killing you and you rage quit, smh my head. Was hella confused when it first started, was fun tho.
  5. Ciao man, didn't really talk to you much apart from on clonewars, best of luck with school, hope to see you return eventually.
  6. Shepard


    You forgot the part where you all nearly drowned to death in a small cave
  7. +1 would be a good Sovereign Protector Moderator
  8. Who is this guy lmao

    1. Zote


      idk man wth

    2. Splonter


      whoever sees this message is a g

  9. +1 Has made amazing pacs in the past, good and active member of the community and has also taught people how to use pac3.
  10. Thank you Bailey and John, Very Cool. and Zote
  11. +1 Was a great admin on cwrp, knows what he's doing.
  12. Got told it was at 8, at 6 I got told we had won, 200 iq plays.
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