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  1. Also rook explains what marauders was
  2. Exactly, Also, a lot of it seems like it should already be done by you and all of your CL3s.
  3. Cocaine is a hell of a drug
  4. Fax, force vadrian and happy to become EM's again
  5. +1 although you'd probably need to use your mic a bit more. Best of luck.
  6. Agree'd, I think he's like private or something. +1
  7. Shepard


    Welcome back man
  8. Might have to change that (Add funny you advertised line here) +1 Great guy, was a great EM and I've never had any bad experiences with him. Best of luck man
  9. Turn off power to the reactor, disable elevators, shut down IHC
  10. Welcome, interested in joining RI? Be a spy for the CIS! Apply today!
  11. CWRP tings (Cred to Auzii, Veybur and Siege)
  12. Honestly, I feel like the defibs should have an animation, much like the fixing of pipes by the engineers, having a medic run past someone, zap them and smack them with a bacta nade, which also fully heals the medic and them is just dumb. Not a long animation, but long enough that if it's in the open they'll die, rather then not caring about a Z2 to the face.
  13. /me Injects truth serum Looking forward to the community meeting
  14. With your examples 6-10 it comes up Access denied
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