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  1. BUMP Time got reset on the 18th so no time update
  2. BUMP Updated time 12w - 13w
  3. Shepard


    +1 Very nice
  4. Bro wtf, you can't just drop a bombshell on me like this. Tinky was the best IHC and Event master. Legit. Gonna miss him.
  5. +1 That scout one looks dope
  6. Too soon man, too soon. -1
  7. +1 Clone wars was hella fun, but had a poor start to begin with, people who didn't wanna play on it applying for commander and 2ic spots and then going inactive, people who got high roles wanting to keep their roles on imperial so they stopped playing which stopped some regiments from doing anything. Hope to see it return.
  8. Shepard


    Eh, never ran events on CW. -1 bad event master. Welcome back man.
  9. Nah man, Santos V3
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