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  1. +1 The icons seem sloppy but the past work is incredible.
  2. See ya man, good luck with the future.
  3. +1 Is a great person and is good with pac. and calls me her disappointment son
  4. I thought the first photo wasn't loading in and refreshed the page 5 times before realizing it was a user icon. +1 Looks amazing.
  5. @Marlu and @Wingza 'bout to beat me. Welcome to the community tho.
  6. @Ash O-647 [Shepard] aka the worlds best trooper.
  7. Wow what a minge. Welcome to our christian mine craft server. please stop killing me ingame
  8. I'll come if there's cookies involved.
  9. Shepard


    See you on in like a month my dude Do you yeet daily?
  10. Welcome to de most EPIC forums. See ya around the ship.
  11. Welcome, seen you a fair bit.
  12. -1 Seems like a minge. Welcome to the forums fam.
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