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  1. Wow is that the commander of 442nd? I mean the mouse droid? I mean cad bane? There it is. Welcome my boy, glad to see you've made an intro.
  2. Welcome back my guy and welcome to shadow,
  3. Cya man, Never spoke to you much but you shined shoes like a champ.
  4. +1 Always see him doing well, into his rp and would make a great t-mod. (Why is everyone typing in purple?)
  5. +1 Seems like a good guy, i like the event ideas. Just give sith something to do reeeee.
  6. Neutral, the application is well done and you were staff in the past. BUT you only have 1 week after reset my guy, get the hours up and it'll be a +1.
  7. Shepard

    Cal's Intro

    You big weeb, welcome my guy.
  8. +1 Great guy, and I believe he would make a great trial moderator and is mature
  9. +1 The icons seem sloppy but the past work is incredible.
  10. See ya man, good luck with the future.
  11. +1 Is a great person and is good with pac. and calls me her disappointment son
  12. I thought the first photo wasn't loading in and refreshed the page 5 times before realizing it was a user icon. +1 Looks amazing.
  13. @Marlu and @Wingza 'bout to beat me. Welcome to the community tho.
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