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  1. I agree with Rickle here, it was pretty quiet on the server, everyone was just hanging out and Staz thought it would be funny to do this as a joke. I don't believe it deserves a 9 rank demotion, especially when Vexer was saying "Vader needs his nappy changed" and other things in comms and was ignored or kos'd by vader until kosmos stepped in, it seems to show biasness towards who he likes and dislikes OOC. So +1 but that's just my opinion on the situation
  2. Shepard


    What's a gregis? Never heard of it -1 Welcome my guy. please don't explode me.
  3. Welcome my guy, I'm the king of the losers.
  4. Wow long time no see man . Welcome back my guy.
  5. EDIT: Changing to a Neutral You're active, but when ever I see you in events you're always there to minge and be a pain to Event Masters.
  6. Shepard

    Crims tmod app

    Neutral I don't see you on too much and when I do you're minging or AFK. But you were staff in the past. Chill out with the minging and it'll be a +1
  7. Why is all of your app size 16 when size 14 only is allowed? No idea who you are -1
  8. Dropped: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu YOU WOT. Mine cos why not
  9. Shepard

    Hi Im Dax

    Welcome to imperial my guy.
  10. Welcome my guy. That profile pic tho, it's too good.
  11. +1 Great RPer and I never see him getting warned or arrested. goodluck my guy.
  12. See ya man, good luck in the future.
  13. This is so sad, alexa promote crunchy to recruit.
  14. Support Team Application Steam Name: [IG] S4Spooky Steam 64ID: 76561198058002783 In game name and rank: O-682 Shepard Officer Cadet - Shadow Trooper How old are you?: 19 Time Played: 4w - Do you have a microphone?: I have a microphone and I'm able to use it. Why are you applying for this position?: I am applying for a position on the Support Team because I enjoy helping and to be able to help people more in anyway I can. and to make sure peo
  15. You'll be missed from marauders man, was fun having you in with us. good luck with your future endeavors.
  16. See ya man. Your events were dope.
  17. -1 I find you quite immature and don't believe you're cut out for the position of moderator, I believe if you gain the position of moderator you will be biased towards your friends in sits and when forced to dish out punishments, from the way you act in-game. You also seem to lash out at people. but that's just my opinion and is subject to change.
  18. Welcome my guy, I am massive RPer 3000.
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