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  1. Who's Helsing? Never heard of him. +1 Great guy, was a great commander while I was in marauders and is mature and responsible. Good luck bby. - Shepard
  2. +1 Has matured while in Navy and has been roleplaying properly. Has stopped minging and is active. Best of luck - Shepard.
  3. ^ Massive +1 Is a good lad and is responsible. Good luck.
  4. IGN: SSGT O-682 Shepard Normal Name: Shepard Thanks @Bailey for the pic
  5. Cya man, good luck with your future endeavours.
  6. I've never played it but i'm up for giving it a shot.
  7. Gonna miss you man, you were an amazing staff member and major general. Goodluck with your future endeavours. ;__;
  8. Who are you? What's a marauder? +1 Is a great guy, mature as and the pacs look good as. Is very friendly and active and I don't believe he will abuse it.
  9. Welcome my guy, enjoy your stay.
  10. +1 Is a helpful lad. is also a giant weeb
  11. See ya man, good luck with the future.
  12. Join the e l i t e shadow troopers once we off you
  13. +1, While Boris was in Sith Marauders he was a great rper and would try to turn any situation into rp. His in-game personality is much different from his ooc one. Good luck man.
  14. Heck Ily Martibo You make me more Spookier than ever
  15. -1 Sorry man, wait a bit after coming back to be applying
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