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  1. Who even is this kid? Welcome, please stop yeeting mud at me or i will tell my mummy on you.
  2. o7 See ya @Lincoln Best of luck in your future endeavors
  3. +1 Great guy, is a pac god and I always see him helping people with their pac. and he's gonna do the police sirens with the pac.
  4. Didn't even know you did anything my guy or had any warns. But all is forgiven under the light of the Emperor.
  5. Hope to see you back on the server soon man. This is so sad, alexa, promote crunchy to recruit.
  6. +1 As much as the events are quite trash, I believe pendragon would make a good event master, He's active, responsible and would be without a doubt a help to the event master team. Although, pendragon, you really need to work on your current events, put more time and effort into it, show you're serious about it. Best of luck - Shepard
  7. Good to hear you're getting better
  8. See ya man, hope to see you come back. Best of luck in your future endeavours.
  9. +1 Good guy, Active, would make a good mod.
  10. Name: Shepard / [IG] S4Spooky How long have you been a part of the IG Community: 3 months Current Regiment on IG SWRP Server: Shadow Trooper Current Rank on IG SWRP Server: Officer Cadet Have you been staff on IG before: Nah Have you received any warns or Bans on IG Before, If yes what for: 1 warn, for credit farming. Have you played 7 Days 2 Die before: Ye, currently only got 2 hours on it though.
  11. R.I.P Simon, he will be missed.
  12. See ya man, hope to see you around in the future!
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