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  1. Heck yeah, i'm down for it.
  2. I currently have an appointment to go to, would you be able to jump on TeamSpeak later so I can try and fix it?
  3. Shepard

    Memorial Picture

    Hell yeah i'm in it and @Wingza isn't!
  4. Was fun everyone! Got some good screenshots!
  5. Cya man, hope to see you in the future. o7
  6. Ayyy i'm in it! . Wow @Wingza getting aos'd in it. Bad influence.
  7. Shepard

    Anime Opening

    oof, edwards the big trash boi is in it. Good video tho.
  8. Nah his award would be most hits placed on his commander
  9. Do we put in peoples in-game names or their forum names? Also best of luck everyone.
  10. Cya man, had some good time with ya, you were one of the first people I met since we joined around the same time, you taught me how to get into vents and hung around with me, I'll miss you man. Hope to see you sometime in the future. O7
  11. Cya man, hope to see you sometime in the future.
  12. Welcome, o' captain my captain.
  13. Welcome my guy, Hope Rook doesn't abuse you too much. :^)
  14. Who're you? Legit man, don't stress it, you seem like a good dude that just made some mistakes. Hope to see you stick around on the server bud.
  15. Welcome my guy, hope to do some sneaky missions in the future with ya. Sneaky,Sneaky.
  16. See ya man, didn't talk to you much but you seemed like a good dude, best of luck with the future. Hope to see you around in the future.
  17. See ya man, Best of luck with your future endeavours. Hope to see you return in the future. That vid tho.
  18. The moment I saw the words beat boxing I was like, yeah @Arachnid is 100% in this video.
  19. O-682 Shepard I'd like the steam cards if I win since I already have sins. RIP me
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