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  1. Had 2 nights without sleep because of my shitty cold
  2. Downloading the hacks now @Delta Base together?
  3. Remove all jobs, we become starwars homeless rp server. I'll be head hobo
  4. @Ragnar 2.0 Also welcome! @Chubbs Is also a gambling addict, but he sucks at gambling
  5. Had the game bought for me like 3 years ago but never played it, might as well give it a try so I can kiss delta in it see what it's like
  6. Who is this guy lol

  7. You can freeload off me Currently doing a cert 4 in mental health so something with that I guess, or professional kisser of @Delta
  8. OMG, you're a guy gamer? ¬¬ :$ :x

    1. Delta


      no i will not be your boyfriend 

    2. Shepard
  9. Pretty sure it's only for a week or two, maybe longer Also it's on and offship restrictions Please stop looking at me, I've been civil
  10. This is probably the dumbest thing I've seen
  11. https://www.ancestry.com.au/ Really working well for you two huh
  12. Shepard

    Hey lol

    MT-665 Dr. Jakk. Rythar @Kaat
  13. The only drug I need is love! 😳 haha please help
  14. What if we became pro fortnite players together... 😳

  15. I'll buy IG and remove every regiment and person that I don't like
  16. What if we gamed together 😳


    Jks jks, unless?!? 👉👈

    1. Storm
    2. Shepard


      @Storm We can also game together 😳

  17. First game would of been pokemon yellow on the gameboy colour, could never beat Misty What probably got me more into gaming would of been when I got my first ps3 in around 2014/2015ish and played beyond two souls and the last of us
  18. Not even gonna ask how are BCO's?
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