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  1. +1 Ran good events Maybe this time management will approve your pacs
  2. +1 Genuinely good guy, will definitely need some help to start off with but will get the hang of it.
  3. Dead by Daylight is pretty fun, rook, fred, chimp and I often play it Skyrim and the Witcher 3 are hella good and have a shitload to do. Darksouls 3 is good if you like a challenge, same with Terraria on expert or master mode Warframe is hella grindy but fun and is f2p World of Warcraft is also pretty grindy but fun, but most of the fun stuff is at end game and Pummel Party and Among us are fun, but you need like 8 people for them to be fun imo
  4. @Wingza @Cecil We're gonna have to take a tray lasagna to rishi to pay our respects
  5. Welcome back
  6. Did you just assume that I'm a gamer? How dare you. Welcome.
  7. This shit hurts man, I had a blast with you on clonewars and Imperial, from you watching us as younglings and buying us a bantha, to joining scout with your weird af pac3's. I'll miss you man, best of luck with the future and I hope one day I can write "Welcome Back Commander Cody" on the walls. Cya man, best of luck.
  8. +1 Good guy, would be a good EM and has the experience.
  9. Damn... steve's really out here snitchin also hmu dude, rank 2 gamer
  10. Changing to Neutral Does seem regretful about abusing his powers, it was in the past.
  11. No pepega react? Damn... 😔
  12. +1 Good guy, active, has previous staffing experience, wants Dirthi to come back.
  13. +1 Good Guy, is a real gamer.
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