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  1. Bring back culling fog tho 🙏
  2. #1 reason not to bring it back
  3. Why would you say something so horrible?
  4. Remove Staff, embrace chaos
  5. Massive +1 Sinatra will lead everyone to glory!!!
  6. Dude...


    No password? :$

    1. Cecil


      Nope :)


    2. Shepard


      Such a mean guy

  7. O7 Dude Was funny watching as Thrawn rushes a bunch of rebels by himself, using only a pistol and beating them all
  8. Happy Birthday, I guess I'm the little pogchamp now

  9. Dude where's the Clonewars gang role?!?!?!? @BaileyPlease
  10. Still waiting for lust month
  11. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/S4Spooky?status=7&order=4&order2=0 Steins gate is a pretty great anime along with vinland saga Read Chainsaw man
  12. The only good discord mod is @Delta
  13. Water goes kinda hard at 0 °C

  14. Straight up facts Join IA today! You can like, attach to luigi and watch as he minges
  15. Had 2 nights without sleep because of my shitty cold
  16. Downloading the hacks now @Delta Base together?
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