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  1. Pretty sure it's only for a week or two, maybe longer Also it's on and offship restrictions Please stop looking at me, I've been civil
  2. This is probably the dumbest thing I've seen
  3. https://www.ancestry.com.au/ Really working well for you two huh
  4. Shepard

    Hey lol

    MT-665 Dr. Jakk. Rythar @Kaat
  5. The only drug I need is love! 😳 haha please help
  6. What if we became pro fortnite players together... 😳

  7. I'll buy IG and remove every regiment and person that I don't like
  8. What if we gamed together 😳


    Jks jks, unless?!? 👉👈

    1. Storm
    2. Shepard


      @Storm We can also game together 😳

  9. First game would of been pokemon yellow on the gameboy colour, could never beat Misty What probably got me more into gaming would of been when I got my first ps3 in around 2014/2015ish and played beyond two souls and the last of us
  10. Not even gonna ask how are BCO's?
  11. Shepard


    What he said Also welcome
  12. Not as good as the original
  13. Todays status is sponsowed by Waid Shadow Wegends, one of the biggest mobiwe wowe-pwaying games of 2019 and it's totawwy fwee! Cuwwentwy awmost 10 miwwion usews have joined Waid ovew the wast six months, and it's one of the most impwessive games in its cwass with detaiwed modews, enviwonments and smooth 60 fwames pew second animations! Aww the chamwions in the game can be customized with unique geaw that changes youw stwategic buffs and abiwities! The dunweon bosses have some widicuwous skiwws of theiw own and figuwing out the pewfect pawty and stwategy to ovewtake them's a wot of fun! Cuwwentwy with ovew 300,000 weviews, Waid has awmost a pewfect scowe on the Pway Stowe! The community is gwowing fast and the highwy anticipated new faction waws featuwe is now wive, you might even find my squad out thewe in the awena! It's easiew to stawt now than evew with wates pwogwam fow new pwayews you get a new daiwy wogin wewawd fow the fiwst 90 days that you pway in the game! So what awe you waiting fow?

  14. Hope to still see you around sometime, O7 man
  15. I've been pretty on the fence about this ban appeal, you've done quite a few ban appeals, during which you'd jump on the server once and that was it, during which you'd seemingly not care about the server. But with this ban appeal you actually seem to be putting effort into the server. He also had to leave inquisitors due to not being able to jump on ts3 to communicate with them for stuff like tournaments even though he donated for the spot and wasn't able to join regiments such as arc due to them wanting him on teamspeak. I believe he should be unbanned, with obviously him and Baile
  16. That's a big yikes Welcome
  17. Who is this guy lol?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! twitch.tv/S4Spooky Ciao Crofty, wish you took over engineers from delta. @Delta jks <3 u Smell ya later
  18. frfr Recon Class is just Storm Commandos and Shadow Demolition class is just Imperial Commandos / Shore Troopers?
  19. Alright buddy, you're on the list.
  20. Has there ever been a good time? Nah but, if you wanna come back, come back, could probably join those goons in shock and riot
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