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  1. I've done the opposite, +10 kgs since seeing shrink, pog only
  2. their* their* Also copy cat love you bongza
  3. Incorrect Opinion
  4. Hahaha cheers big dog love you
  5. Dude I cannot believe I forgot to tag you. Funniest dude apart from me out there. <3 love your work
  6. @Kippy A appreciate you <3 @wflizzistfu comrade x @Deltagrow up <3 @VadrianI didnt tag you cause you wont carry me in Valorant @TomCosand also missed you from VF im so sorry :C @Kristoferily so much you deserve the world <3 @Luckyso much respect for you keep being you man @Yurialso forgot to tag you im so sorry <3 love your work @Maxi fucking love you dude
  7. That memory will stay with me for a very long time hahahaha
  8. Don't know where to start for this one. Guess I'll start from my beginning; had 5 hours on gmod which was used on horror maps I played with friends. Got bored of that so we went to minge on SWRP. Trained by Natiionz a few years ago, joined Nova which had @Lucky in it. Got me real into the server. From Nova I went to Navy, enjoyed my time there, was under @Keta. Met some cool people in there, can't remember em all long time ago, except for @Rad_Copnice dude. From Navy went to Storm Commandos, joined for @Arkanstayed for Arcturusious, met a whole bunch of good people in that regiment. @Auzii, @M
  9. Bruh I was legit just talking about you the other night reminiscing on your crazy pacs. That's nuts. Enjoy the future dude, was fun playing with you.
  10. Well-written, interesting read. Always cool to see the backstories people come up with. Is Carthalous Ordo the mando'a version of Mandor Teth?
  11. Writing too big, riddled with grammatical errors, and worst of all; swearing. Thanks for playing Phobia we had some good fun within ISB and TeamSpeak together. Wish you all the best my man. Enjoy yourself
  12. Later Josh wish you all the best man
  13. Headspace pulled me out of a very deep and dark place in my life. As much as I support Imperial Gaming in assisting this, I have actually over the last few years have been donating frequently with my friends so I will not be donating through IG. Every thought we have that leads us to using something headspace, the rest of us donate some money. It's almost like a blood pact. The best thing you have in your struggle is your closest friends. Thanks for choosing this because it's something I personally have gone through a lot and feel very strongly about. Big Thanks to everyone who has donated
  14. When you gotta pee but you're on guard duty
  15. Yeah I put you in for best staff me- nevermind
  16. When do I get the Community Designer role?
  17. Prison Psychologist, about quarter of the way there after 3 years lmfao Then when I get sick of that go back to Uni and do psychiatry
  18. What's the rules regarding alcohol consumption during the campaign? Asking for @Bailey
  19. You're gonna make me cry
  20. I have no friends in Inquisitors
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