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  1. Told you I'd read all of it. This is nice, I like it.
  2. I saw a Mennings in Medic Troopers... any relation?
  3. Best Valorant player OCE, here live, saying im in
  4. Don't think I've seen you around the server yet but welcome back
  5. Hi @Kristofer, thanks for submitting your assignment in on time for once! "are available for grabs" - This isn't really the tone we're looking for in an informative essay Kris. "by myself." - Let's try stick to Third-Person in these informative reports please Kristofer, it says this in the task sheet. "I did not even know that there were this many flavours for the potato chip brand." - Third-Person, Kris. "The first flavour is the fan-favourite Lay's Classic." - I would like to see some stats about this, please. "It’s overall just a solid potato chip flavour." - This is meant to be a professional paper, this sentence is Elementary. "unmistakenly my personal favourite flavour" - As a professional text this report should be kept unbiased, and again, Third-Person. "This is a solid chip flavour, it’s not bad." - Unprofessional sentence, this is why you should attend the weekend workshops I hold in the quadrangle. "The fourth potato chip.." - A well-structured paragraph, well done, Kris. "name of the flavour reminds me.." - Third-Person. "The Kettle Cooked Lay’s Chips..." - Nice paragraph, very informative. "The Lay’s Wavy has a wavy and covered in ridges." - What were you trying to say here? "brand “Smith’s,”..." - The Comma should be outside the quotation marks if it's not apart of the brand's name. "brand “Ruffles.”" - You did it again here, we learnt about this in week 6. "Furthermore, in conclusion," - Pick one, not both. "I seem to be suffering an inability to sleep resulting in me spending most of tonight writing this four-page essay entailing the numerous flavours provided by the Lay’s brand of potato chips." - Third-Person. "References" - This section isn't in the appropriate layout, please look back at 'how to make a reference list 101' in your textbook. Overall Kristofer a fairly neat and tidy report. Most of the time it was easy to read and for the most part it was very informative. Out of a possible 100 marks you have been deducted 16 making your total score 84/100, or 84%. This gets you a grade of a B. Make sure to read through all my notes so next time we can try aim higher. Enjoy your weekend Kristofer, see you in class next week.
  6. I wanted to play weeks ago but you were too busy for me papa
  7. I love SCP. Streaming it is funny as h*ck as well.
  8. "Event Master of the Year, 2019" They don't just hand these out for nothing
  9. Don't need to resolve conflict if there's no conflict to begin with
  10. One of the most chill guys on the server, Auzii has way too much experience as staff on other GMod servers. Man's got an incredible work ethic and is insanely mature. When he got T-Mod the first time that's what made me want to apply for staff too. I love this dude and know he would make an incredibly good staff member because we've seen it before. +1 PS. I can fix that ^
  11. Dirthi


    That's kinda epic. Welcome back Happy, hope everything's good :O
  12. Man wonder who wrote all of the scripts for em they must've worked pretty hard
  13. Man Wombat you were one of the first guys I legitimately admired on the server, your mood never wavered even when in the toughest positions. Hope you do good in school little man, and join us for some catch up time soon.
  14. Lemme get my craft name It's literally just Dirthi I'm not sure what I expected tbh
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