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  1. could have firewardens like real life workplaces. Also could have script to put fire damage on ships after combat (THOU I imagine this would be insane for someone just using g-mod) so hanger crews or tiebay crews could have firefighters in there to extinguish fires. But yeah without a script or random fires the role is useless. UNLESS you flip the role on its head and make firefighters evos who fight with fire
  2. Join the One year old Club! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. Wholesome content
  4. Looking forward to getting my first paycheck
  5. Your hints are very vague,
  6. welp, thats all the main military walker abrieviations. onto every known TIE fighter.
  7. Minecraft Name: Pepsi_Knight
  8. THis would be awesome, if everything else was made of lego too
  9. Micro-transactions?! Climb Swep Gone?! Mingy idiots able to immediately join into the server in 6th army!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Climb swep is gone though? what happens when you get stuck and stuff or need to climb? Glad to see crashes are now gone, looking forward to the possible idea of lag 1.2.0 Recruiting change I think is a mistake, as minges will be able to pass through the trainer barrier and mess around in the community, also some people do need to learn and its good when it is one on one explainations.
  10. So, as our lives are more and more constricted to the living quarters of our houses, I have a sudden three weeks worth of free time. So, how best would you spend that time? studying? Chores? or ridiculous amounts of Imperial Rp? I like the third option and you do to, so as soon as garry's mod installs, ya boi Kix will be here to stay for three weeks. Looking forward to catching up with friends and og 212th troopers over the next few weeks.
  11. This would actually be bloody brilliant bailey, It would double as a punishment for dying at ec hand and delay swarming enemies constantly. Give this man a medal
  12. lottery is the only thing you cna spend creds on because you know you'll never be able to buy the rotary cannon from the store without years of playing
  13. Artist and authors creating the history of Star Wars:
  14. I just had an idea, but I don't know if it would actually work, but hear me out. Would it be possible to take a Star Wars battlefront 2 (classic) map from the game, and some how upload it into Gmod? Cause that would be amazing to happen, But I myself don't know anything about map making or textures and resources, so If somebody does, would that actually be possible?
  15. I like how the base looks like its an imperial base. You see other maps and they have textures or walls that don't even look star wars. I enjoyed playing on it and patrolling the maze of hallways as a 66th. Looking forward to what IG does with it when I come back to play again.
  16. This is Brilliant But I like this NAh, Debrief rdm is too mingey for me, if i were to do something like that, I would "supposedly" lose control of a shuttle and splatter everyone in an event debrief (Like that one idiot a year back or so)
  17. Though I never did do it when I left, I wanted to do something RP style before I left. Say like, make my character secretely Rebel, discretely going around the ship to find information and interrogate ST's for information while trying to not get caught. But I'd Like to know what you'd guys would do if you were to make a Blaze of Glory. Leave your ideas bellow so ISB... I mean, the general community can be interested by your ideas. (I am kidding about ISB, and it be good to hear what a ISB member would do too) That inactive boi, Kix
  18. I was in a clone wars server run by Collosal gaming (first time in SWRP). Eventually the server started dying so I looked into others and Imperial Gaming was first on the list. Im kinda glad that IG was more specific with the training because I learnt nothing from Collosal gaming. From there I was an ST for a while, not really mingey but on the occasion (and was accidentally) lean on my mouse too much and someone would be dead. It was funny one time because I was lined up with a squad of st's and i accidentally clicked and killed the private next to me, and I think the admin just had it that n
  19. I reckon if there more field medics than the medical troopers they should have less medical equipment, I'd keep the defib though, we needed more of those things when I was playing.
  20. So they are more field medics then an actual medic. I am going to +1 this, but isn't that the job of the supports?
  21. You could always you know, move the time the RP is set to after Empire strikes back and use the map as the construction of the new weapon with the bothan spies to come in and steal the plans in a major event
  22. The current template is good, so I would probably add more colour to it. Make certain pages for imperial rp have blue in it and other pages for santos have ..... other colour in it? (haven't played santos yet). Chats and that can maybe have individual colours and users could set a colour for their profile page. I dunno man I just work here.
  23. Very nice very cool, and now I want to come back, but I'm not going through downloading gary's mod and all the addons again
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