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  1. happy offline☹️
  2. y'all remember blackey?


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    2. Zote


      john kiss me

    3. John



    4. Zote


      you're making me blush omg :$

  3. Sea of thieves and among us are pretty good.
  4. it'll live on in the legends...
  5. back when you weren't retarded
  6. you’re joking right
  7. bruh he literally plays the server on the weekends zzzz
  8. thank god we DON'T have a warhammer server
  9. John

    Source Code Leaked.

    Stop being so disrespectful, he's just trying to help the community.
  10. Minecraft Name sp4nks Why i should be whitelisted Really bored with isolation. wanna play some MC with the boys
  11. #IGCloneWarsSaved but still Name = sp4nks
  12. IG has tried minecraft on multiple occasions, most of the time it dies within a week.
  13. I'm not sure why anyone would shun the idea of Clone Wars, the only thing it costs is time, we have the models, we have the server and we have most of the people, it quite literally wouldn't cost a cent.
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