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  1. force jumping in low hanging areas, 🤦‍♂️
  2. John

    Rip Born

    See ya stoopid
  3. That can be arranged, I’ll contact you on discord
  4. If you follow the rules of the continental and get it out to everyone then of course 😉
  5. Join up boys (not a gang, simply an establishment) @Carnifex I hope you’ve seen John Wick
  6. What PL are you looking for. (I'm a Flight Officer in RSC)
  7. Update, her name is Minister Maketh Tua
  8. good idea dood, but whose a pac3 god that can import her textures or something along those lines
  9. We could do this one but the only problem is, we don’t have the model for the pointy hat girl
  10. Really good video, I’m clearly a main character 😉
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