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  1. Please bring back clone wars I’m basically begging
  2. this is better than imperial already
  3. John

    we miss you

    facts #bringbackclonewars
  4. bro, if it was clone wars i'd play
  5. I think it’s a sign (bring clone wars back)
  6. -1, little to no detail
  7. John

    NEOs Hello

    wait... you’re a one year old?
  8. this would’ve been nice when I was GI, boring ass role
  9. John

    50 Health Boost

    There should be an “Undo” button after you buy something, a bit like the one in league @Bailey
  10. [SIMPS > HAMMER] Enroute. but also bye o7
  11. may as well remove climbswep from the server
  12. @Rickle *ahem* Sith introduction trailer *ahem* only ogs remember @Lossk
  13. Don’t kid yourself
  14. John

    Zulu Squad

    All I’m saying is *ahem* bring back cinder squad
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