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  1. John

    Imperial Gaming (Movie) - "A New Campaign"

    That was some good shit dude, honestly gave me chills towards the end, I hope to see some more stuff like this, +1 for you to join the media team.
  2. John

    Jupiter's Jedi App

    -1 I feel that you have changed over the time i've known you, since being a Jump Trooper we were good mates, but ever since you were promoted to a higher rank in RG and then turned into a Staff Member you became seemingly hostile and rude towards me and other sith members, i just don't think that you would fit the role as Anakin, regards, John.
  3. John

    Crims tmod app

  4. John

    Planz' Application For PAC3 Tier 1

    fat +1 good roleplayer basic but useful pacs gl, John