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  1. Didn't we try that once and only did like 2 ops
  2. I agree. That said, don't think I can comment because of the reason I was given for being kicked from my CO slot and blacklisted from that reg.
  3. I'm about to start shouting some racial slurs because we've posted bug reports, talked to management and other things and something still hasn't been done. They still haven't updated us on our slot increase. MT haven't been told anything.
  4. Swallows here, thanks for defining combat healing and going over some examples. It's helpful to have it not in vague terms as it has been in the past. And I'll try to come up with a solution to the issue we're all happy with. I'd also like to say sorry for the bickering and annoying replies from MT. It's something that'll be handled because it's not the first time we've been toxic on the forums for stupid reasons.
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