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  1. Big F. No more Thrawn got to change my signature now. It's been a good run and a pleasure managing the Chimaera. Looking forward to continuing on as Fleet Admiral Mad Cop aboard our new ISD.
  2. A true modern tale forbidden love. Now to be remembered amongst the stars.
  3. I'm looking forward to it. Engineers better have remembered to install the Harpoons.
  4. Kill the space whales. Unite the galaxy. Defend it from the coming threat.
  5. I'll never forget when you when in Storm Commandos, while I was ENG and we just stormed a whole building during a event together.
  6. "The Emperor has assured me that he supports my project." @Jman1308
  7. Interesting question. I'd say it's the line of extremes generally any emotion or motivation taken to the extremes is when it turns negative. Being ambitious and striving for more and better is different to a hunger for power. Ambition is wanting to improve and to see how far you can push yourself and what you can achieve which isn't a bad thing. A hunger for power is wanting power for the sake of power for wanting the power and control and no other reason for it. If you have the power and use it for the benefit of others then it's good but power for self gain is ultimately pointless. As for
  8. Man is a absolute legend. Did a excellent job as a Admiral when it came to creating some of the foundations for Navy as it currently stands, did a excellent job in his time as staff based on every interaction I had with him. Has a generally good attitude and understanding of what is expected from his position and maintains a fairly objective approach. Big +1 for this guy.
  9. In terms of temporary cover in combat getting shields added to the Loadout wouldn't be bad. You can also have a discussion with the engineers who have the fortifications tablet and can establish front lines cover on the move to work out some kind of arrangement to assist medics. And depending on the map/EM choices they can even just have a small dupe or building prop to put down as a field hospital which isn't as mobile but just encourages retreating and getting healed rather then charging in dying and waiting for a revive especially on larger maps.
  10. Over this week myself and members of Naval High Command as well as Roys the current engineer CO will be reviewing applicants and we'll be taking the top applicants for practical interviews before making our decision. Good luck, and those selected will be contacted this week.
  11. Greetings IG, Engineers are in need of a new Commander as the current commander will be leaving the position soon due to time conflicts, so NHC are looking for potential Commanders to take the position. If you wish to apply, please click the link below. You must be or have previous CL3+ experience on Imperial Gaming to apply, applications will close 18/10/2020 Please follow all instructions at the start of the form and answer ALL questions to the best of your ability. Once some eligible applicants have been picked, they will be asked IN-GAME to do a "tryout" with NHC as judges
  12. I'm going to go with a neutral on this one. As you have been around a while making you a dependable member of the community. However I don't know about keeping calm in situations and being polite and respectful as one distinct experience I remember having with you was when during your time as a event master. I was participating in a event on the front lines which I understand I'm pretty OP do it messes some things up so I do it rarely. However because of this I was being cursed at by your ECs no big deal but then I also received a PM from you where you swore at me for participating i
  13. Look I've tried to avoid throwing down with people since Assistant Director but that's what I had CS for keeping blood off my white uniform.
  14. Alright well firstly I want to hear Wingza's understanding of the situation and his motivations. I'm going to make a assumption here based on my knowledge of Wingza which can't say we are super close or anything but based on what I know I don't think he would have taken these actions with malicious intent or intent to abuse his power. He was acting in what he thought was appropriate in role play though his actions may have been influenced by a OOC friendship with Bailey. (( Don't know them well enough to judge however is a possibility and I am again assuming so because they were in sith togeth
  15. Honestly man, I don't have proper words for this one the time and the effort you put in to help me pull navy together. Re-working the handbook, dealing with issues the endless issues that 50 people can generate random quick TS conversations just to try and sort things out. Having you too help out and give advice it was the best. Sad to see you go but happy you're doing what is best for you. See you around.
  16. Hopefully not, otherwise I'll have to kill the pretenders.
  17. That's a fine photo especially that cool looking blue man.
  18. *whistles casually while holding blaster.*
  19. Had some good times Julius big OP man on naboo, your psychotic attitude towards aliens. Good times, Thanks for the fun and don't worry I'll do my best.
  20. will do, see you around gregis have fun and well look I was never meant to be but somehow I am.
  21. It will give me great satisfaction having a endless supply to punch.
  22. Maybe as a medic sub regiment but I don't think we need them as a singular Regiment.
  23. Look I'm a pretty high ranking engineer who runs around beating my workers. So pretty sure most of those stats make sense. Need strength and endurance to chase and punch you. Intelligence to be a engineer, perception to keep an eye on navy. And lots of luck to actually make this rank despite my complete lack of charisma as a angry old man.
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