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  1. Oh man that was some great times. Your Engineer cyborg pac was sick had some great fun. Back at you Luigi. One of the best people I've had to interact with always felt really easy to work with you. <3 And the best words I have for you is. Thank you and I'm glad I could make a positive impact. And I think the same of you, and that it's been great seeing how you've changed and grown over three years. You are perhaps one of the more recent engineers but I think myself and Delta can agree you are one of the best. I hope you stay with E
  2. Ah so the time has come. After 1130 days in Navy I have finally moved to retirement. So I thought I'd take this time for story time, tell you of my time within the server. Well I joined a while back probably you know 1150 days or something like that you can do the math if you are so inclined. When I joined I was trained by Lance Corporal Misahu of JT at the time. However being a LCPL he couldn't promote me from recruit this was middle of the day nobody online so I came back in the afternoon and got set by the Vader at the time then went for a wonder where I met Shader who was Heavy in
  3. Peace out Kippy, been a lot of fun you run off and have fun.
  4. Big F. No more Thrawn got to change my signature now. It's been a good run and a pleasure managing the Chimaera. Looking forward to continuing on as Fleet Admiral Mad Cop aboard our new ISD.
  5. A true modern tale forbidden love. Now to be remembered amongst the stars.
  6. I'm looking forward to it. Engineers better have remembered to install the Harpoons.
  7. Kill the space whales. Unite the galaxy. Defend it from the coming threat.
  8. I'll never forget when you when in Storm Commandos, while I was ENG and we just stormed a whole building during a event together.
  9. "The Emperor has assured me that he supports my project." @Jman1308
  10. Interesting question. I'd say it's the line of extremes generally any emotion or motivation taken to the extremes is when it turns negative. Being ambitious and striving for more and better is different to a hunger for power. Ambition is wanting to improve and to see how far you can push yourself and what you can achieve which isn't a bad thing. A hunger for power is wanting power for the sake of power for wanting the power and control and no other reason for it. If you have the power and use it for the benefit of others then it's good but power for self gain is ultimately pointless. As for
  11. Man is a absolute legend. Did a excellent job as a Admiral when it came to creating some of the foundations for Navy as it currently stands, did a excellent job in his time as staff based on every interaction I had with him. Has a generally good attitude and understanding of what is expected from his position and maintains a fairly objective approach. Big +1 for this guy.
  12. In terms of temporary cover in combat getting shields added to the Loadout wouldn't be bad. You can also have a discussion with the engineers who have the fortifications tablet and can establish front lines cover on the move to work out some kind of arrangement to assist medics. And depending on the map/EM choices they can even just have a small dupe or building prop to put down as a field hospital which isn't as mobile but just encourages retreating and getting healed rather then charging in dying and waiting for a revive especially on larger maps.
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