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  1. Neutral leaning towards +1. As everyone else has stated the permanent bans are a bit off putting but from a personal perspective all my interactions in game with have been very positive. And i've found them to be a trust worthy and polite person.
  2. Honestly such a good guy just all around, would 100% recommend him for T-mod: always respectful and polite. Knows what he's doing Responsible +1
  3. Rad_Cop

    My latest weapon

    How about we make the Chimaera turn into a giant lady with a vacuum cleaner.
  4. Rad_Cop

    My latest weapon

    I don't think thrawn will approve the budget for flying space camels over ssds.
  5. Rad_Cop

    I'm leaving

    Cya man you were cool always fun working with you.
  6. Rad_Cop

    My Time Here.

    This was cool getting to see all the old photos from way before i joined the server. And appreciate the mention i do my best but you certainly did well when you were active.
  7. Rad_Cop

    Engineer Work

    Hey guys basically this just asking if anyone has any jobs for engineers/ suggestions and ideas. I figured out put this out here so everyone can see it and either comment, pm me or approach me in game. So if any person wants something constructed joint passive RP this is your opportunity to ask or think you have really cool RP for another regiment but don't want to leave yours put it out here (mainly for Engineers but if you want to mention other regiments in your post go ahead.) Anyway want tryouts built/ To have some really crazy stuff constructed for training. SGT+ you can come on down and we'll show you how to build if you want. EM's if you want something constructed for a really cool event you have in mind so on Engineers are here to help. Droids want passive rp come on down maybe you're a bounty hunter droid and want us to improve the encryption on your coding come see us. Effectively we are here to help and i wanted to give everyone on the server the option to contribute ideas based on what they think is needed. (This is comes from watching Basil getting EM feedback from the CO's and also wanting to get some engineering projects to keep people busy while i'm on holidays but thats another post.)
  8. Rad_Cop

    Carswell's Introduction

    Nice to meet you welcome to the server.
  9. Rad_Cop

    Hornet's Farewell

    Have a good one Hornet didn't really get to meet you but have fun with the future.
  10. Stevo you were as rough as they come but i respected you and most of the things you did. Despite not having any OOC power you earned your way to the highest rank and spent your time there sticking to what you believed in and doing what you could to help out all the military regiments. Good luck with your future and thanks for all you did, we weren't personally close at all but i think you did some good. (Not that i know all you did being both navy and not that in the know of IHC)
  11. Rad_Cop

    Credit rules concept

    Just a note on this in terms of credits and the economy i'd like to add for thought is basically how credits react with the world as a whole. Such as the difference between /me gives credits and actually giving credits. And where would credits come from are the credits from quests meant to be classed as peoples wages for doing there jobs and therefore a official currency for all transactions or is it more a thing to keep people amused inside the game of star wars RP. What is the line between IC transactions and OC transactions/ credit uses is there one? As usual i may have poorly explained my point here if you wish me to explain further @ me or pm me but just thought it should be considered how it works in terms of a server economy and where and when physical server credits should be used vs /me credits which obviously you can't play poker with but do exist in the sense of RP.
  12. Rad_Cop

    Epic annoucment

    Congrats delta always a pleasure.
  13. Will there ever be a basil character that isn't a traitor?
  14. Rad_Cop

    Mike's New and Improved EM Application;

    Neutral I do think you put in effort, no warns or bans is good. Events could probably use some more work but the main reason of neutrality for me is that I don't know you. I have no real experience with you in game and the application is average so until I see either the application turn amazing or positive/negative actions from you I'll be leaving the neutral.
  15. +1 Never had an issue with wingza. I believe him to be a overall stand up community member and always nice for a chat. I also think that he can perform staff duties in a calm and mature manner. Good luck congratulations on becoming a colonel.