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  1. glad to see you are working hard and staying out of trouble.
  2. So as the server was dying down on naboo i decided to hold a little PvP sim to keep things interesting without it turning into a RDM fest. Once the server dropped below 20 players decided to make boss battle sim so went to sith temple where Julius was laying in weight with 12500 HP. While myself, Kiba, Horus and Dunkirk attempted to raid the building. Did not go well especially when Inferno betrayed us proclaiming Emperor Julius so here he is. Man is almost impossible to kill with his E11-D and that much HP we died many, many times especially with inferno helping him but eventually he was also betrayed, tased and executed.
  3. Rad_Cop


    I mean you were as a group were deliberately blocking him, though personally I think he should have rpd it by making some sort of action or indication of physically pushing you out of the way before no clipping. Which is very similar to what Bailey said while I was typing this And also in agreement with Bailey here is a issue with the perma ban for lying statement I think Frank should have owned up to it and just said yes I no clipped through them as they were cuffed so in rp I would have moved them out of my way physically in RP. He did it and there was nothing wrong with it so threatening to permanently ban someone for lying when it happened damages his reputation pointlessly.
  4. Think it's just a big sale I bought it earlier in the year for maybe slightly more expensive but not much.
  5. Gonna miss you man, had some nice talks and i always appreciated the fact that you remembered my rank and saluted me. You were a good commander and it's gonna be disappointing not seeing you around but go out enjoy yourself and hopefully you can get your life back together.
  6. It was a lot of hard work but we managed to out do ourselves and are proud of our work. Does that mean that maybe i can get paid? maybe even a promotion?
  7. welcome back Ana
  8. Pretty sure out of the 72 or so engineers i have commanded over the course of a year the total numbers of times they have crashed the server cannot hope to rival Kristofer in the course of a week.
  9. Welshy event when the server was lowish population. Went to the map with multiple planets that you can fly to we were all split up into squads and sent to specific planets, i was piloting one of the drop ships went down onto the planet eliminated all the enemies and restarted the radio before leaving some troopers there and moving to support the other planets with the medic from our squad (stitches i think.) Really enjoyed the mobility of it and the cooperation as a squad made up of multiple regiments rather then working in single regiment groups and there was just a lot of cooperation and mutual support throughout the event with teams holding locations while other teams moved to reinforce others with all specialist skills being utilized as required such as myself and stitches moving to provide cover and healing or the pilots providing movement and air support from drop ships. Would enjoy more events where you combine skill sets and move as a squad of various skills rather then just regiments or everyone moving as a large mass i like having a plan that at least kind of stays consistent though gets adapted in response to the enemy and other factors that may affect it.
  10. You caused me many headaches that I probably could have avoided but it was fun having you around. You caused me lots of trouble and head shaking but it was interesting and amusing. I enjoyed our time playing together and glad we could get along still having some enjoyable talks even after you left. Good Luck have fun in future and always happy to talk.
  11. Please make basil pay more for all those hits he places on me I want him to run out of money.
  12. Rad_Cop


    Passive events where i got to spend the whole time talking my way out or just having a good chat with some of the people like the event where we got arrested and just spent the whole timing rioting and defacing the cells with the EM spawning stuff. Building the Tie Defender the last few days with 8 or so engineers in the back of engine room just busting out that project was very satisfying. Building the DS-01 and working on the laser with TI was quite enjoyable. Working my way up and the experience i gained as ENG CO despite starting as CO at a WO 2
  13. Don't worry we have special janitors to follow around stitches, mud troopers and sand troopers.
  14. +1 Gregis is very good devoting himself to projects through to completion with plenty of experience i believe he would be a solid addition.
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