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  1. Had some good times Julius big OP man on naboo, your psychotic attitude towards aliens. Good times, Thanks for the fun and don't worry I'll do my best.
  2. will do, see you around gregis have fun and well look I was never meant to be but somehow I am.
  3. It will give me great satisfaction having a endless supply to punch.
  4. Maybe as a medic sub regiment but I don't think we need them as a singular Regiment.
  5. Look I'm a pretty high ranking engineer who runs around beating my workers. So pretty sure most of those stats make sense. Need strength and endurance to chase and punch you. Intelligence to be a engineer, perception to keep an eye on navy. And lots of luck to actually make this rank despite my complete lack of charisma as a angry old man.
  6. Strength 8 Perception 9 Endurance 8 Charisma 0 Intelligence 9 Agility 6 Luck 10
  7. Tools like grinders, welders and drills can be good dupes. As well as building your custom workbench or varieties of for working in various situations such as repairing or modifying weapons, writing code, working with droids. All that kind of stuff otherwise you can construct stuff for hall way maintenance, ship exterior repairs. Otherwise you can build stuff for other regiments if you want to get involved in Thier RP. As a engineer you have lots of options in terms of RP just got to choose what you want to work on.
  8. I'm so glad I had both of them killed.
  9. I do Sims semi regularly though generally they are semi private with a purpose but recently did one with about 40 people online and half in the Sim. And yeah in terms of dupes myself and basil have been working on building large scale ones for back of engine Room.
  10. Had a few building the Tie Defender and managing that whole project was pretty intense or the time i got dragged into a meeting with Thrawn, Whitey, Krennic, Tarkin, to discuss a dumb thing my 2IC had done while i was like a Lieutenant was kind of a bad day.
  11. I've been a engineer over 400 days and pretty sure there hasn't been a day something mingey hasn't happened.
  12. Rad_Cop

    Project: Stardust

    Man I had fun there got to trash compact people and fire a giant laser. Building in perma props it was great fun for engineers. Though I'm sure for military regiments IHC can try to devise something more that we can do on the map because it has some good facilities between the hangers, Sim rooms and stuff. Just a matter of trying to make sure people don't get spread out and lost especially given a decent chunk of the player base won't have been there before.
  13. Rad_Cop


    Sure just remove the drop ship teleporter so if anyone wants to come to Illum they have to do it in proper RP and fly there. At least means you have to admire the conspiracy and effort there as they need to get hyper spaced to Illum, get a ship and fly down to enter the facility which would require a lot of Naval help.
  14. I think this part can go with almost all troopers though not just shock and riot. I have noticed a lot of people all around just act overly aggressive towards non-hostile civilians / Event characters. Just try normally talking and directing people while as members of the empire you shouldn't be afraid to show force there is no reason we have to scream at and attack everyone outside of the military as realistically that would make more rebels. So while this goes double for all security regiments i would expect all troopers to try and talk and de-escalate things rather then trying to use threats and intimidation especially if this goes against the wishes of higher ups such as when we are dealing with VIP's.
  15. glad to see you are working hard and staying out of trouble.
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