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  1. Man Devs real hard at work. I hope Gusky occasionally let's em out of the Dev dungeon for air. It all looks pretty awesome.
  2. I'm going to neutral this application along with the recommendation of a harsh trial period if the application is approved. From what I can see on this application Dodger at least seems to understand what he did wrong and earnestly wants to make up for it. Which is a good thing making mistakes, learning and improving them is the right thing to do in life. However in saying that actions will always speak louder then words. If upon lifting of his ban Dodger continues the behavior that resulted in his ban. Harassing of community members, stirring trouble and generally making the game a nega
  3. +1 I think allowing more people to comment on the ban appeals without needing to talk with management etc is a good idea. Get a larger amount of feedback on how someone is seen in the community and how the actions that led to the ban may have affected others. I think it'll need guidelines with the allowance as the ban appeal commentary should be directly related to the reasons the community member was banned. We don't want the comments section to a argument which is based around entirely personal feelings without another proper commentary.
  4. Yeah then we'll get into first order RP do whatever the hell happens there then escape the timeline and jump around at random through every era.
  5. Cecil man, I didn't really know you to much before you became server manager. Though come to think of it that was almost two years ago when I just moved to manager and NHC was changing. You were and are a legend. Absolutely one of the nicest people I've ever met, calm and level headed. Able to listen to people and sort things out logically and choose the best course of action. I appreciate all the help you gave when I first came into high command and the trust you and Zaspan gave me as I moved up to Thrawn and took over. And I'm glad I didn't disappoint with my performa
  6. Oh man that was some great times. Your Engineer cyborg pac was sick had some great fun. Back at you Luigi. One of the best people I've had to interact with always felt really easy to work with you. <3 And the best words I have for you is. Thank you and I'm glad I could make a positive impact. And I think the same of you, and that it's been great seeing how you've changed and grown over three years. You are perhaps one of the more recent engineers but I think myself and Delta can agree you are one of the best. I hope you stay with E
  7. Ah so the time has come. After 1130 days in Navy I have finally moved to retirement. So I thought I'd take this time for story time, tell you of my time within the server. Well I joined a while back probably you know 1150 days or something like that you can do the math if you are so inclined. When I joined I was trained by Lance Corporal Misahu of JT at the time. However being a LCPL he couldn't promote me from recruit this was middle of the day nobody online so I came back in the afternoon and got set by the Vader at the time then went for a wonder where I met Shader who was Heavy in
  8. Peace out Kippy, been a lot of fun you run off and have fun.
  9. Big F. No more Thrawn got to change my signature now. It's been a good run and a pleasure managing the Chimaera. Looking forward to continuing on as Fleet Admiral Mad Cop aboard our new ISD.
  10. A true modern tale forbidden love. Now to be remembered amongst the stars.
  11. I'm looking forward to it. Engineers better have remembered to install the Harpoons.
  12. Kill the space whales. Unite the galaxy. Defend it from the coming threat.
  13. I'll never forget when you when in Storm Commandos, while I was ENG and we just stormed a whole building during a event together.
  14. "The Emperor has assured me that he supports my project." @Jman1308
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