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  1. I don't want to say that you don't need a loadout change but the Westar and SE-13 are both amazing guns. What other gun would you even suggest as a replacement?
  2. Probably rules about clearance levels and the Sith? As an RST its blatantly obvious that people aren't shown around the ship and are sometimes left to fend for themselves. Although we wouldn't really need a lot of rules in the room if people trained recruits properly.
  3. Generally I only apply FearRP when there is 3+ people either fighting me and I'm losing etc That said I really tend to only do this when I'm an event character because it doesn't make sense for me to do this IC since I'm an RST.
  4. Only a tad late. That photo of the SCs makes me feel some time of way.
  5. I agree with less weaponry, I hate the fact that so many people have weapons, I feel like most regiments should have an E-11 + whatever their speciality is unless you've proved yourself in some sort of test or have progressed high enough into the regiment to be granted use. also this would make events less aids and also fuck health boosts
  6. Oof and the only time I got to speak to you was yesterday. See you man, hope you return eventually.
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