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  1. A lot of regiments have been forced to make compromises so everyone can enjoy the DS - I'm sure in time everything will be ironed out.
  2. Hire us for all birthday parties
  3. I'm going to wave to you every time I see you until you make a wave bind.
  4. No, the server will literally explode with more people. People have to go around deleting props to lower ping for people as is. Maybe if we ever go to S&Box
  5. Good to see you back, missed you
  6. I'm always available for acting, count me in.
  7. Can I recommend that you find a way to add this to the commander's handbook, please? Personally, I read it quite often when I want to check something.
  8. The idea is to replace RST not add a new regiment, think more of what happened with Vector and 224th
  9. They look sweet, but I'll miss my red boys.
  10. Looks pretty neat, would this replace the sign idea you were making for the DS?
  11. Oh no I agree that the Darth Maul suggestion is silly - I was confused about the lore for regiments, sorry.
  12. I always assumed the server didn't really care for lore that much seeing that we have like 3 clone regiments for some reason.
  13. Emerald stop talking about yourself :^)
  14. Wow, I need to screenshot more often this is really cool looking back in time.
  15. ...You seem familiar have I seen you before?
  16. Hey I'm Aphrodite, I've changed my name like 3 times so I hope someone recognizes me. Also this is much more effort then I thought it would be
  17. Pushing back the entrance would also be good for people that for some reason still don't understand that its a no loitering zone. Having the zone pushed back will clearly define the area is seperate from the other.
  18. I dunno what I expected but I can say for sure it wasn't that.
  19. 6 regiments have a pulse canon. Widow, Inferno, SCAR, Shadow, SC, IC.
  20. Personally I would prefer the store to not sell guns, or health boosters for that matter. So the extremely high price doesn't bother me. The less pulse canons we have running around the better.
  21. Aphrodite

    SWEP Training

    I don't think you can really show them how to effectively climb swep during the training as a recruit. It'll be rushed just like everything else, most recruits aren't given tours still and barely have any clue what is going on. I love the Idea of Widow doing daily training sessions though, it'll give people stuff to do and will hopefully inspire some and show them they can stay as a Storm Trooper.
  22. What do you mean skin? I've never seen any different coloured Nova troopers or am I just blind.
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