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  1. The only new song that should be added is this and don't even try to @ me
  2. I'll always remember that pseudo date we had during an event where we sat on top of a dam and talked about the mass of an SSD and how much it would affect a planet's gravity - all whilst being shot at by x-wings. I'll miss you man, have fun and be safe.
  3. Aphrodite

    Halloween Pics

    If anyone wants to look through the album feel free I'm too lazy to edit them so... https://imgur.com/a/BQ43GUL
  4. Is this really necessary? What purpose does this serve?
  5. Oh I see a photo of Jman and I - nice
  6. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that competed!
  7. Hey guys for tonight only PAC users will get the chance to show off their creativity and skills! If you want to compete leave your name here on this thread and or contact either myself or Anix in-game or via the forums. It will take place tonight the 31st at 7 pm AEST. EDIT: Slight delay - ETA unknown it will be announced in-game. The prizes! 1st place: $50 on steam - Bailey Wintoh 2nd place: $25 on steam - Martibo 3rd place: $25 on steam - Flare
  8. wow nice stuff keep it up, looking forward to seeing the new gamemode
  9. see ya nerd - i'll miss seeing you around
  10. yummy more star wars to watch
  11. but then the droids wouldn't actually do anything RP wise.
  12. hey its me welcome to my kitchen
  13. Add the blade to shadow because why not.
  14. Terribly upset that I don't appear in any of these. They nice tho
  15. This is extremely dope, looking forward to heading back!
  16. I thought we were advancing the timeline just at a very slow rate (basically when Management approves). I don't think it'll happen anytime soon though.
  17. oh nice I saw myself getting blown up by Anix
  18. Oh, you are 100% correct I don't know how I missed that.
  19. From, Trial Moderator Aphrodite Under Secretary Aphrodite 16/10/18 To, Community Manager Whitey Director Whitey “A new moff, in particular, a man by the name of Tiaan Jerjerrod.” As a human male hailing from the Core Worlds specifically Tinnel IV - he grew up attending an Engineering Academy before being noticed for his skillset and joining the Galactic Empire as a Starship Designer. He progressed through the ranks of the Galactic Navy and achieved Rear Admiral. Most importantly he helped build the original Death Star the extent of his influence on
  20. I don't have teeth I'm an old lady.
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