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  1. sorry very toxic post i am sorry :))!
  2. Can you explain why the server isn't 4x better? I heard otherwise and just wanna be educated on the matter.
  3. I believe @Rook was looking into this already, so I assume he has stuff to say in regards to it.
  4. Name: Aphrodite Server Playtime: idk too much Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: i used to play m&b warband and frothed over it for ages - keen as fuck for this game to come out already Extra Info: thanks
  5. Pretty dope, can't wait to see work on it continue,
  6. Lovely music but I hate being forced to listen to it.
  7. Also if you're a big nerd and know a lot about configuring plugins and stuff like that let me know please!
  8. Pretty sure people have already been looking at it, hopefully we can mess around with it and have a new rotation map or something.
  9. True - my mistake completely forgot lmao either way its interesting to see how long it would take to traverse the universe
  10. For the hyper-drive multiplier 1 is the baseline - so anything higher is worse.
  11. Just remember that some of the calculations are ball parks because not all information is either known or canon. Either way I think it's an interesting resource that can be visited for roleplay purposes. Also the information may have legends planets but I guess that doesn't matter
  12. thought it was pretty lame, cool effects i guess though probably took a while smiley face
  13. Aphrodite


    I feel like people tend to forget that this is an RP server not an FPS. You want to be able to survive a few shots so you don't die instantly as that would probably wouldn't be fun seeing how laggy events can get.
  14. Don't purchase anything this shill says.
  15. Lots to say don't feel like typing it all sorry lol smell ya later nerds
  16. It feels like only recently I organized a flight for you to retire from the deathstar.
  17. In before the knights of ren and kylo join up with rey to beat up old palpy boy so he doesn't come back.
  18. fake news toxic smh bro
  19. That's because Rhen Var is actually a planet in lore, so I mean we can change it I guess but it might be a better idea to just remove the text.
  20. You watch your mouth alright, those are fighting words.
  21. time to cleanse the weebs in halo
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