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  1. Lots to say don't feel like typing it all sorry lol smell ya later nerds
  2. It feels like only recently I organized a flight for you to retire from the deathstar.
  3. In before the knights of ren and kylo join up with rey to beat up old palpy boy so he doesn't come back.
  4. I feel like this point isn't really a negative, the amount of detail is fine it's to the point and doesn't meaninglessly go on without reason, it shows they understand what's expected and I think that's fine. I am leaving a positive +1 thing or whatever its called.
  5. Aphrodite

    Acclamator Map

    I think I tested this map in singleplayer at some point and I'm fairly certain if its the one I'm thinking of it's super large. It's a nice map though.
  6. fake news toxic smh bro
  7. You've improved a lot the past couple of weeks, the only issue I have is the application itself. You need to redo it, I don't think it's a great idea to use an old one as it doesn't show how creative you are which is important for EMs. Apart from that, you've come a long way.
  8. That's because Rhen Var is actually a planet in lore, so I mean we can change it I guess but it might be a better idea to just remove the text.
  9. This, I don't really know much about dev work but with my experiences with him, he's been nothing but great.
  10. You watch your mouth alright, those are fighting words.
  11. time to cleanse the weebs in halo
  12. Is there a stretch goal? It seems to have reached its target, also some of the comments are interesting to read as well lol. Good cause though seems pretty interesting will chuck a few dollars up, can't wait to watch it when it gets released.
  13. The first one looks alright I haven't checked it out or at least I don't really remember it that well, so maybe that's a bad thing. The second map is horrible it needs a heap of work for it to be usable for the standard the server is held to. I thought we had this map on the Imperial server, don't we? Or is that a different version.
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