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  1. Axx's head looks like an egg, don't @ me
  2. +1 Has already shown responsibility with his role as Galen Erso and is an overall good guy.
  3. Yeah I agree, tasers would be a bit much.
  4. You were one of my first friends on the server and a true GOV Buddy. Thanks for always being a good lad Sudo, We'll Miss ya <3
  5. Jeb

    128/128 Players

    Very Nice M E M E
  6. Not only has Eros/Staz demonstrated his responsibility through his position as commanding officer but his PAC's are pretty nice +1
  7. Phat 10/10 meme, would watch again.
  8. +1 He's the best boss a guy could ask for <3 Also he's a responsible dude.
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