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  1. Jeb

    Wingza the Sk8er Boi

    Republic Intelligence is working very hard I assure you ;P
  2. I'm about to start crying young man. Serving as a secretary under you was without a doubt the most fun I've ever had on the server and I'm gonna miss you <3
  3. You may be a little minge sometimes(Most of the time) but damn am I proud to have you in my regiment young man <3
  4. In-Game Name: Jeb Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jebgriff/
  5. Goodbye Morgan, you'll always be my ABC ;-;
  6. Yikes no gov for best branch... I see how it is. Jokes aside this is really cool and I cant wait to see the results
  7. I'll never forget being melted by your flamethrowers constantly <3
  8. Jeb


    You would've made a fine GOVA trooper young man. O7
  9. Jeb Sins of A Solar Empire Thanks Bailey
  10. I can't wait to meet you in-game for the first time
  11. Ayyyyyyeeeee Thanks Bailey this is exactly what I wanted Great writing as always
  12. Ayyyyye Welcome back Peter
  13. That's great news Hope to see you around again soon!
  14. I'm scared just reading this stuff, giving me PTSD to Grand Moff Tarkin staring me down.
  15. Jeb

    Hello all

    Can't wait for your promotion to Grand General Elevator Man, It's good to see you on the forums
  16. Jeb

    New Debrief

    MOM LOOK I'M IN THE PHOTO! It's cool, r.i.p. the Emperor's chair tho
  17. Jeb

    Halloween Pics

    Just a few pictures I took of peoples Halloween costumes (Sorry if the formatting is scuffed) This last picture is my favourite <3 (Thanks for not killing me Zaspan)
  18. Shout out to spookibo for the good memes.
  19. What a top experience my sweet sweet lads
  20. Jeb

    Golden Garrick

    At least he's not T-posing this time
  21. Axx's head looks like an egg, don't @ me
  22. Yeah I agree, tasers would be a bit much.
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