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  1. That's toxic @John, Me and Aphro are legendary ex-CoS. Emerald and Brass are.... banned? lmao
  2. Name: Jeb Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jebgriff/ Playtime: 5 Weeks 4 Days 8 Hours Which Game Would You Want to Win?: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Anything Else You'd Like to Add?: Splonter's the boys, shoutout Navy Gang, Hi Mum!
  3. @Bailey This is the only song im legally allowed to listen to :clown:
  4. "This job, we try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody. But if we can’t find a way to live with that, then next time maybe nobody gets saved." - Steve Rogers
  5. I remember it being my 2nd day on the server and we were on Naboo, the only people advertising were Regional Government. So I went along and was interviewed by Grand Moff Chopz, back when Jman was the midget General Romodi and Kelly was the amazing Chief of Staff. I was the first secretary to reach 100 CL2 tests conducted which is probably my greatest achievement on the server so far.
  6. I got the idea to play SWRP from seeing some cool youtube videos, originally I tried to join a couple other servers but they all sucked, so I kept hopping around between servers and eventually ended up on IG which stood out and it felt way different to all the other SWRP servers that just used the basic gamemode since IG was all custom and polished. Everyone was cool, got trained by my boi @Mono and the rest is history <3
  7. Damn @Rivers, now you got me thinking about GOV with you and Aphro. Im boutta start crying.
  8. This sounds like an awesome idea, I'm really excited to see how this progresses.
  9. This is definitely on my top 10 Anime deaths list, crying in the club rn. Love you Shepard <3
  10. I remember when I first joined the server and I thought you were scary because you were staff and sith and didn't talk... then i quickly found out how dumb you truly were. Much love @Rickle good luck in wherever life takes you <3
  11. Its because this is my favourite song and I know all the lyrics off by heart lmaooooooo
  12. Sara Bareilles - Love Song is the best song ever made, if anyone disagrees you're a heathen.
  13. Not enough Christian Gospel music fizzy smh
  14. Cecil has gathered all of the Infinity Ranks, now he can insta-ban half of the community with a snap of his fingers.
  15. Hell yeah I've wanted Arma 3 for ages, thanks heaps Bailey <3
  16. Oh man those videos bring back so many memories <3 much love wimlay
  17. @Bailey I hope there's an ending where Aphro gets PK'd and I become the Director of RI
  18. Pretty sure this is a community bannable offense lmao
  19. Definitely something like this But seriously...
  20. The highly anticipated sequel to the now famous "Wingza the Sk8er boi" video. Shout-out @Rickle & @Wingza for their sick skating skills.
  21. Jeb

    Thank You

    I'm really gonna miss you ANiX, thanks for all the good times man <3
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