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Everything posted by Jeb

  1. Its because this is my favourite song and I know all the lyrics off by heart lmaooooooo
  2. Sara Bareilles - Love Song is the best song ever made, if anyone disagrees you're a heathen.
  3. Not enough Christian Gospel music fizzy smh
  4. Cecil has gathered all of the Infinity Ranks, now he can insta-ban half of the community with a snap of his fingers.
  5. Hell yeah I've wanted Arma 3 for ages, thanks heaps Bailey <3
  6. Oh man those videos bring back so many memories <3 much love wimlay
  7. @Bailey I hope there's an ending where Aphro gets PK'd and I become the Director of RI
  8. Pretty sure this is a community bannable offense lmao
  9. Definitely something like this But seriously...
  10. The highly anticipated sequel to the now famous "Wingza the Sk8er boi" video. Shout-out @Rickle & @Wingza for their sick skating skills.
  11. Jeb

    Thank You

    I'm really gonna miss you ANiX, thanks for all the good times man <3
  12. Jeb

    Wingza the Sk8er Boi

    Republic Intelligence is working very hard I assure you ;P
  13. I'm about to start crying young man. Serving as a secretary under you was without a doubt the most fun I've ever had on the server and I'm gonna miss you <3
  14. You may be a little minge sometimes(Most of the time) but damn am I proud to have you in my regiment young man <3
  15. In-Game Name: Jeb Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jebgriff/
  16. Jeb

    I'm leaving

    Goodbye Morgan, you'll always be my ABC ;-;
  17. Yikes no gov for best branch... I see how it is. Jokes aside this is really cool and I cant wait to see the results
  18. I'll never forget being melted by your flamethrowers constantly <3
  19. Jeb


    You would've made a fine GOVA trooper young man. O7
  20. Jeb Sins of A Solar Empire Thanks Bailey
  21. I can't wait to meet you in-game for the first time
  22. Ayyyyyyeeeee Thanks Bailey this is exactly what I wanted Great writing as always
  23. Ayyyyye Welcome back Peter
  24. That's great news Hope to see you around again soon!
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