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  1. Vanilla

    The empire strikes

    Dropship doors should be CLOSED!! Nice job tho
  2. That second date confuses me
  3. Yeah uh It's already on the server.
  4. smh posted but not even done looks good so far tho EDIT: Nice read
  5. I didn't read the entire thing yet, but it looks really cool so far and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it. Nice work! EDIT: Good read, loved the atmosphere. Make more!!!
  6. Firing the super laser at mustafar while standing in the way (Also when Vader is watching)
  7. ^* Oh and that time I AOSd you? I take my RP very seriously
  8. Bruh the music I listen to is complete cringe
  9. I used to not use my mic in fear of stuff like that
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