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  1. 5 hours ago, Sully said:



    • Applicant does not meet the Imperial Gaming Event Master application requirements. ( <- @Rook )
    • Application as a whole is lacking detail in the responses you have given to the questions asked.
    • The Event examples that were provided within this application are severely lacking in detail, depth, thought and originality.
    • Spelling and grammatical errors.

    Your application does not meet the required standard in which is needed before applying for a position within the event master team, not only that but your overall application is heavily lacking in detail and depth. I suggest taking a look at some of the previously accepted applications in order to see how much detail you should be adding in order to make your application better, you can do so at the link below;






  2. 11 hours ago, Matrix said:

    I don’t think you deserve a permanent ban for this, however as others have stated you need time to reflect on your actions and ensure that nothing like this will happen again. I suggest familiarising yourself with all the server’s rules and understanding in full what they mean as that would do you a lot of good in the long run. 

    +1  for ban reduction, and I wish you the best of luck with your application.


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