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  1. I really don't want that much maybe something like: Money New Computer Catgirls A giant building with nothing inside A spaceship Catgirls Worlds biggest slice of cheese 200 copies of Pokemon Red A giant hamster 2 rocks Blackhole in a pocket A dead butterfly Fart cannon
  2. [NS-CMD] Vanilla I would prefer the steam cards cause I wanna customise my profile even more
  3. greetings, I've never seen you before
  4. Do your stats look like this? -----------STATS---------- Intimidation - 0 Seriousness - 0 Scariness - 0 ----------------------------- Overall - 0 ----------------------------- Results - Not Scary Let's change that. These are the best tips to increase your intimidation, seriousness and most importantly, scariness. 1) Walk around everywhere (Don't be in a rush! Walking around will make you look special, important and intimidating! This will score you +2 intimidation points) 2) Don't at ease people (Don't at ease people! This will make it look like you deserve all the
  5. COMIC SANS!?!?!?!?!?!!? AGHhHHHHHdhhsd nah jk lol cool story
  6. I can help with that and acting
  7. Vanilla

    Cal's Intro

    Hello there, fellow weeb
  8. @Brass Sorry about that haha! Your now in the story <3
  9. Early Life: Vanilla, (real name: unknown) was a human born on Naboo nearing the end of the clone wars. When he was born, he was sold by his parents because they were financially struggling. His new mother, Bevaneio hated him because he would keep running away. He would always run into a lake and pretend he was a fish. His mother was so sick of him that as punishment for him always running away, she cut off all his toes. His dad, Fincelous was surprised when he came home one day to find that his son had no toes. He later found out that it was Bevaneio and he divorced her. The Discove
  10. *sigh* welp i guess this isn't going to fix cause I'm using a macbook lol. Thanks for the help anyways!
  11. Hi, I have changed the model detail to high but still this bug occurs. Any other suggestions?
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1468927152 All I know is that bonemerge causes this and no-one else can see it but me so it is a client side issue. Please tell me some ways to fix this. I have tried - Reinstalling Pac3 - Joining without Pac3 - Reinstalling all addons - I can't fix this white background thing for the text
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