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  1. I really like this idea, we should have another squadron for tanks
  2. Currently, Tank troopers are a subregiment of ISC. That means that they are a completely different job. There are some disadvantages to this, such as not being able to use team chat, not being able to open Navy keycards, event points, etc. Basically, I want tank troopers to be a sort of 'heavy' or 'support' role in a way that they are apart of the same ISC job. Also, the tank trooper armor does not have a life support system. This model does: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1843101074 I think that model and the current model should be able to be switched
  3. Hello Games are legendary. They didn't walk away with the profits at launch, they strived to forfill the promises that they made.
  4. Easy, ill chuck some maps over when they are done
  5. What model is the droid going to be? Maybe make it possible to change the models?
  6. Vanilla

    Purple and black

    Try going to garrysmod/download and deleting everything in there (Will have to redownload some stuff when you rejoin the server)
  7. Instead of a sync salute and debrief, I reckon bringing back the music march. (All stage personnel stand under the stage until music is played. When music is played, they all march up and it looks really cool)
  8. I'm too slow! But thanks anyway
  9. It's beautiful! Now I have to remake the maps
  10. So this is why the flight requests arent being granted! lol
  11. Vanilla

    The Isle

    Hmmm very interesting
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