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  1. HAHAHAHA the Void on the engine room spam made me laugh uncontrollably
  2. We've had some good times together. o7 friend.
  3. Hey Dax, we've had some fun times in ISC. Can't wait for whats to come!
  4. o7 Goodbye old flight officer
  5. +1 - You were a minge as I remember, however you are showing that you would like to move past and take on a more serious position within the community.
  6. Vanilla

    I like ISC

    Amen, ISC will always be the best
  7. Don't say that! I'm sure when you join they'll provide you with fixes to common problems so that you can help others aswell. So, give it a shot!
  8. +1 - Seems to be very experienced. We already have a version of your example, but it is a very nice way to prove that you have the skills to do derma, basic entities, networking ,etc.
  9. Vanilla

    Im back

    Hi back, I'm dad
  10. Looks promising, I'd love to see some proper examples though. For now, it's gonna be a Neutral from me Good luck!
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