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  1. o7 best of luck in the future!!
  2. Unfortunate things had to end this way, but the best of luck to your future!
  3. Goodbye, and good luck with everything in the future!! o7
  4. Vanilla

    see ya

    Goodbye, and good luck for the future! o7
  5. Super cool, brought back some good memories
  6. Hello and welcome!
  7. +1 I don't know dodger that much, but I think they're a good person at heart.
  8. i've only had that pinkish redish watered out crap
  9. o7 shadow trooper cecil. P.S. add me on league: miss vanilla
  10. Thank you for your contributions in making navy the best branch. Best of luck for the future, o7
  11. I mean, if you're interested. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Miss_Vanilla
  12. Hello and welcome to the forums! Good choice with the regiment! ISC is superrrr fun and as long as you're creative, there's no shortage on what you can do as a pilot!
  13. I think the answer is to not worry about it. Just enjoy whatever you're eating without questioning it. And If I see one more of these we're going to have to debate if your death was a homicide or a suicide
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