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  1. maybe now i can direct people to this instead of them asking me how to make meth and then failing to make meth after i outline literally every step by step
  2. Supersoup

    Goodbye Misahu

    even in the event of such a tragedy i will never be seperated from my CONSOLE
  3. Supersoup

    Colonel Mustard

    turns out one of the two screaming morons was infact the murderer AND YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WHO WAS WHO
  4. Why am I not surprised Welshy used the P90
  5. If i recall from what I heard from Whitey a majority of the issues that the maps having right now is the FPS drop - but I think thats because of the fact that all of the map is made of props rather than created walls and floors in HAMMER (Something of the sort like that) I know for a fact that if its made of props and we have a content pack we're capable of utilizing the props IN the map for building purposes, so thats sick Correct me if im wrong doe looks excellent
  6. Are you implying that due to how people select saberwielders during events that it means they're categorized to NOT doing such a thing? Bevan, No offense mate, but the whole POINT of introducing the regiment-specific quests is to help encourage more of the thing they're specifically meant to do. It's almost as if you didn't even read why I wanted them added. Wasn't aware about that part though, with wolf and stuff.
  7. I recall Martibo saying to make a thread in OOC chat if anybody had suggestions regarding quests. So here I am. Before I give my suggestions, I don't know the technicalities involved with coding such things, so if they're hard to code or implement I understand. Regimental-Specific Quests: So, a feature with quests should be that any regiment with specific abilities or equipment should be given quests that relates to said-abilities to help incorporate their talents into what they are, E.G. Perhaps SCAR can have cloaked-kills, 31st have explosive kills, Sith have Saber kills or Ma
  8. My opinion about adding TF99 is that i'd like it, just to replace the fact we no longer have Cinder Squad and the only "real" unique cast of elite troopers would be Inferno, and even then they're exclusive to ISB. However, many of the valid opinions about adding an "E L I T E" Regiment is... euh. I honestly would rather just have SCAR replaced entirely with TF99, due to the fact that we've got about three regiments that already do SCARs job - Imperial Commandos, Storm Commandos and RANCOR. Infact, the sole purpose of SCAR almost seems entirely based on the fact that they've got cloak, which wh
  9. look if i get an excuse to commit arson I'll take it
  10. Better yet lets just find where pinejack lives and burn his house down
  11. @pinejack uhhh ive already done my HSC and ATAR lad, Snow wanted to know what I studied ATM im doin' a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  12. @Snow English Advanced, Extension 1 and 2, General Mathematics, Chemistry, History, IPT... etc etc.
  13. trust me, you will hate Year 12 if you chose a shitton of subjects like I did hopefully you didnt do that and you do good in your ATAR, goodbye ol chum
  14. Andrei Tarvovsky and Viktor Tsoi are two idols i've especially catered to - AKA See my Steam Profile pic for Viktor the beautiful korean/russian rockstar Andrei Tarvovsky is one of the very few people who is able to make true art out of cinema and puts a deep understanding of philosophy in everything he makes Eric Andre aswell 8)
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