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  1. maybe now i can direct people to this instead of them asking me how to make meth and then failing to make meth after i outline literally every step by step
  2. Supersoup

    Goodbye Misahu

    even in the event of such a tragedy i will never be seperated from my CONSOLE
  3. Supersoup

    Colonel Mustard

    turns out one of the two screaming morons was infact the murderer AND YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WHO WAS WHO
  4. Hey Bailey, glad to see you applying for EM! I'm gonna give you a +1! The event ideas are great, I know you personally on the server, and I know you're responsible enough to be put in a position like this. Good luck!
  5. Hi Boris, I'm glad to see you applying for Trial EM. I'm going to have to give Neutral for now however, I AM leaning towards +1 though! For one, the Roleplay I've seen you conduct really hasn't been... serious. From the interactions I've had with you, you roleplayed a KX Droid that did nothing but gruesomely maim people, and while I can understand the fun appeal to that, the amount of brutality you applied in that character just seemed... unnessecarily gruesome. Not to mention I've had previous interaction with you prior that hasn't been too great. Another example was when you barged infront of 442nd and then proceeded to assault the person manning logistics - TWICE. While it's a good joke and all, I can't help but feel like this'll start to reflect in how you preform in events and eventually put any sense of stakes or conflict in favour of doing silly things. Event ideas are good however, and i'd like to see them put into action - For now however, I'd like to see you participate in more serious actions. The rest of the application is coherantly designed though aswell.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback guys! Remember, if you got any issues with me just toss a private message my way or I'll do so vice versa!
  7. Why am I not surprised Welshy used the P90
  8. If i recall from what I heard from Whitey a majority of the issues that the maps having right now is the FPS drop - but I think thats because of the fact that all of the map is made of props rather than created walls and floors in HAMMER (Something of the sort like that) I know for a fact that if its made of props and we have a content pack we're capable of utilizing the props IN the map for building purposes, so thats sick Correct me if im wrong doe looks excellent
  9. Going to close the app and reapply later.
  10. Are you implying that due to how people select saberwielders during events that it means they're categorized to NOT doing such a thing? Bevan, No offense mate, but the whole POINT of introducing the regiment-specific quests is to help encourage more of the thing they're specifically meant to do. It's almost as if you didn't even read why I wanted them added. Wasn't aware about that part though, with wolf and stuff.
  11. I recall Martibo saying to make a thread in OOC chat if anybody had suggestions regarding quests. So here I am. Before I give my suggestions, I don't know the technicalities involved with coding such things, so if they're hard to code or implement I understand. Regimental-Specific Quests: So, a feature with quests should be that any regiment with specific abilities or equipment should be given quests that relates to said-abilities to help incorporate their talents into what they are, E.G. Perhaps SCAR can have cloaked-kills, 31st have explosive kills, Sith have Saber kills or Marauders can collect Artifacts (I recall there was a feature where people could pick up items for quests.) Give Navy/Gov/IHC the ability to administrate quests: Now I don't know the technicalities regarding this, but we were able to implement the !book feature, so it's worth a shot. My recommendation regarding this is that Navy, Gov and IHC should have the option to give out quests for regiments, or have access to a menu that allows people to see what quests each person is doing. It'd allow a degree of IC control and allow other people to have someone to come to if they need anything. Not anything developer-wise obviously, but just a degree of control for them to utilize. Perhaps even have a custom plugin for custom missions to assign to troopers for more trusted personnel, and allow them to tick it as completed or failure and reward said regiments for their specific quest E.G. 31st is given a quest by Navy to locate and disarm any explosives on the vessel. If the Navy personnel decides they have succeeded they can mark it as a success and the regiment is rewarded. Prestige with Quests: Another idea is that scales of what quests are given can be weighted out by some sort of Prestige meter - The more quests you do, depending on how hard they are or some other method, will give you prestige. The further your prestige is, the better access you have quests to - This method could also even be given to personnel assigning quests and let them determine an appropriate quest. That's the only real suggestions I can think of at the time of writing, but i'll update it in future if I have any more ideas.
  12. My opinion about adding TF99 is that i'd like it, just to replace the fact we no longer have Cinder Squad and the only "real" unique cast of elite troopers would be Inferno, and even then they're exclusive to ISB. However, many of the valid opinions about adding an "E L I T E" Regiment is... euh. I honestly would rather just have SCAR replaced entirely with TF99, due to the fact that we've got about three regiments that already do SCARs job - Imperial Commandos, Storm Commandos and RANCOR. Infact, the sole purpose of SCAR almost seems entirely based on the fact that they've got cloak, which while I understand is an appealing aspect to what makes them elite, I've hardly seen SCAR utilize them in an effective and professional manner (I still remember that SCAR Trooper who cloaked into the control room.) My advice is to just have SCAR replaced with TF-99 as a regiment that has dedicated and specialized units that can be reliably called upon in the circumstances - Imperial Commandos have sort of been doing that in regards of fields of expertise (E.G. Imperial Commandos taking over in the absense of Engineers or 31st.) However, C/IC originally took up the role of that... Until Archer got promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and had to disband it. I'm not sure if the same issue would apply to TF-99, but it'd be nice to see a regiment replaced with one that takes up C/ICs flag in its absense. Maybe even keep it? Who knows. Another thing I need to note regarding this though is the fact that some people decide for custom regiments against lore regiments, E.G. Replacing Incinerator troopers with Vector, is the whole idea of having a custom lore for the regiment. While that's nice and all, I have not seen anything come out of SCAR. Maybe it's a Commander issue, but the quality of SCAR really doesn't give me hopes for something as vast as that. Just my opinion, eh.
  13. look if i get an excuse to commit arson I'll take it
  14. Better yet lets just find where pinejack lives and burn his house down
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