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  1. God rest the dead, may they rest in peace. Our thoughts are with all those in New Zealand. We will not forget the victims. Lest We Forget And damn those murderers to hell. They deserve the full wrath of the justice system.
  2. Actual mad lads, starting a fake war over forum rep. Keep up the great work!
  3. Dave

    ST CL3+ !swap Command

    Thank you, much appreciated. Dave
  4. Dave

    ST CL3+ !swap Command

    Since I've reached CL3 in ST, I've noticed a problem, with our !swap command. Before reaching CL3, said command would transfer me to a snowtrooper outfit. Now, it does nothing. I have tried it, on many different occasions, but to no avail. I believe this issue is due to it conflicting with the CL3+ Officer's uniform, which I believe is the !swap command for others of CL3 and above. If possible, could this be fixed?, I'm not too picky on which one works, but it would be nice to have the availability. Thanks, Dave
  5. Dave

    Goodbye Misahu

    O7, big respect to Misahu. We'll miss you boi.
  6. Peanut Butter, and Honey on toast, is the ABSOLUTE bomb. Also, just some good ole' fashioned honey on toast is nice too.
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