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  1. So, Didn't think I'd be doing this anytime soon, but here I am. Unfortunately, due to IRL circumstances, I'm going to have to say goodbye to IG. Up until recently I was Colonel, and Commanding Officer of Stormtrooper Command, and, by extension, Stormtroopers. I don't enjoy doing this. IG's become an amazing place for me. I've had so much fun, and made some good friends. So, I'd like to thank some of the people who've made it so great for me: Zisera, @Bruno, @Nicholxs, @Bryce: My original friends in 996th. So many long hours spent guarding, and messing around in Di
  2. Dave

    Kristofer's Speech

    Breh, ISB are scary Cept for Ton
  3. One time, when there was an argument over MH1, between Sith/Inq/Mar and ISB. We had the place booked with the Grand Inquisitor, and were going to do some lightsaber combat training. ISB apparently thought they'd booked it, and had brought DT along as well. So, the Grand I. and ISB faced off about who had the hangar. Widow and ST then backed up INQ, and we spent about five minutes in a faceoff. That was fairly intense. After that, we eventually got the hangar, and did live fire PvP against the Inq/Mar. At the end, all of the Widow and ST members present challenged
  4. Welcome From the Head of the Minges
  5. Dave

    Project: Stardust

    Perhaps in order to keep us entertained, have Security incidents, that a specific regiment is directed to respond to? Could be area specific depending on the reg. Perhaps have more transports land and take off, for logistics or whatever, cause that gives us more to do with unloading, and searching. ISC could also escort the transport in, seeing as the DS is basically a no-fly zone. I think we just have to up the small active and passive events, in such a large map, to keep more people interested.
  6. Probably back when I was in 996th, and you'd be on a late shift, and the Generals would almost stop RP'ing completely, and just mess around. Also that time we hid inside the IHC door, and waited for some poor unsuspecting trooper to try and run in. Upon which he'd be surrounded, and yelled at by the whole guard. P.S. Shoutout to @Bibleman for being the mingiest ST I've ever seen, getting himself kicked and blacklisted from nearly everything, and causing all kinds of mayhem.
  7. Dave


    Hold up, someone need expendable Cannon Fodder? You've come to the right place. *ST intensifies*
  8. Very good!, and even more impressive with a mouse. I can't even draw like that with a pencil.
  9. Hey Mongo If you don't find anything that fits, ST Command is happy to have you We're pretty laid back, and fun, except for when we have to crack down on ST's. Anyway, good luck, and I hope you find the right fit. Dave
  10. I'll get back on, gotta have someone running EMS P.S. Sorry if my bad driving ever ruined someone's day
  11. Dave

    Santos Car Issue

    @Bailey Turning model detail to high did work, both for me, and for another person. Thanks.
  12. Dave

    Santos Car Issue

    Yeah, good point.
  13. Dave

    Santos Car Issue

    Ok, I'll try that, and hopefully it doesn't kill my PC. Thanks for the suggestions.
  14. Dave

    Santos Car Issue

    Hi I've got an issue with some of the vehicles in SantosRP. It's hard to describe, but I've attached a picture of what it looks like. I have the whole content pack. This seems to occur with the FD stuff, and a fair few of the civilian cars from the dealership. The PD, EMS, SS, and other job vehicles are fine. I have talked to a few other players who have this issue. P.S Ignore the broken pink background, I have since installed CSS. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Dave
  15. I may not have been the nicest person to you Bibleman, but that's just how my job works sometimes. I'm glad you want to make an effort, and start being serious. If you have any issues with abuse/bullying while you're still in ST, please tell me, and I'll go and roll some heads. Best of luck. P.S. As others have said, we all like you, and mingey as you were, it at least made life interesting
  16. Didn't know you too well, so all I can really say is: Thank you, and good luck
  17. The Doctor series, run by Welshy. Amazing events, that had me on edge the whole time. Especially when Grif, Widow, and ST all got holed up in a makeshift fort, near TIE Bays, and we had to fight off waves and waves of zombies.
  18. Big 07, my dude. Thanks for everything you did. I really am sad to see to you go. Goodbye.
  19. Honestly don't mind too much either way. But..... "Up the Blues!'
  20. Thanks for telling us Demonic, real brave of you. I think you don't have to be too worried, cause it'll probably just come out as some really good roleplaying. Good luck boi.
  21. Extra RP is always good, but as above, there is a fine line. Perhaps it may be good to let other members know OOC that your RP Character will have some 'unusual' aspects, as prior warning/notice could avoid many staff issues. Anyway, would be fun, I think, but you'd need to be very careful with it.
  22. Dave

    Sideos Ban Appeal

    I agree with the mods. Sideo sounds sincere, and I'd be happy to have him back, as long as he knows what the rules and boundaries are. Dave
  23. I think Sky's doing a great job as CO. I've enjoyed the time I've spent around him.
  24. Miss you Whitey. You did an amazing job, thanks for everything. O7
  25. God rest their souls. Lest we forget.
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