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  1. Welcome back to server, because your a bounty hunter I will be seeing you around a lot
  2. Nice job sully, helping the community again and again
  3. 1. Game of Thrones 2. The Walking Dead 3. Narcos 4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  4. Go ScoMo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: @Katelyn I feel like your post is a bit toxic and unnecessary, all smoke is doing is sharing something he found on the internet. It's a prediction, that means it could come true or it won't become true, you don't need to call them out on it.
  5. Freeman needed money for more whiskey
  6. Sorry for your loss @Corvo, I know that it is extremely hard to lose a loved one.
  7. I am making this post to give everyone a bit of backstory on Shock and Riot's history and role on the ISD Shock & Riot Troopers are the security force of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer “Chimaera”. Shock & Riot are responsible for the protection of all personnel aboard the ship as well as the defense of the vessel itself. Shock & Riot is also responsible for checking ID’s of all Imperial personnel and identifying defective troopers, impostors and traitors to the Empire. Shock & Riot patrols the Star Destroyer to do this. Shock
  8. Riot is a full regiment, not a sub regiment
  9. Galle

    Shake it IG

    Very good stuff
  10. In-game Name - Galle Steam Link - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198274545483/
  11. Galle I prefer the steam cards, not very interested in the game
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