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  1. Hello all So another year has passed since last years post and I've got to tell you, what a year it has been. So many ups and downs, never knowing what's around the corner and the shock of what comes next. Looking back, I have again had many great moments with all of you and I thank you for that. Imperial Gaming is my home and will always be my home. So I have to say that I'm leaving for more information about why I'm leaving, please look at the spoiler below.
  2. See you big man, Cecil has some large shoes to fill
  3. Galle

    HOI4 moments

    WARNING WARNING The following video contents a lot of dark humor, if you are easily offended then this is not the video of you.
  4. Your nearly a boomer, just have to wait a year
  5. NEUTRAL I believe in third chances, although this hasn't always worked before, I don't see you exploiting this IF you get unbanned. I think you should still try and make up with Splonter since I've witnessed you both act very childish and immature towards each other in the past. If unbanned, I suggest a long probation period. Good Luck.
  6. I'm pretty sure we did this last year where every regiment marched in MH1 in front of the Emperor
  7. Galle

    Ban appeal

    You seem like you really want to come back and you have had enough time to think about your actions +1
  8. Das Vierte Reich wird zurückkehren und dein Vaterland zerstören!!!
  9. There are so many things wrong with this
  10. -1 During the lifetime of IG, you have been banned four times all for various reasons. The first two are pretty common saying you were banned for being a minge and you had no intent to RP but the next to caught my eye. Your third ban was a COMMUNITY BAN for breaching your unban conditions, if you get unbanned, how will we know your not going to do that again. And the fourth one is for attempting to bypass your community ban. I see one thing with all these bans, that you have been given too many chances. https://www.imperialgaming.net/bans/detail/index.php?steamid=STEAM_0:0:32361926&
  11. A lot of the stuff said is mainly IC and stuff that would only warrant a warning but approving the use cloak and the change of someone's player model is wrong, you have given someone a unfair advantage to get out of a situation. This a obvious abuse of power and clear bias since you were involved in the situation. The keycard is also another abuse of power, yes there are many ways in RP to open the brig door but spawning in a keycard scanner for you to use is wrong. I will not be recommending a punishment but instead say that this is very disappointing
  12. Did someone say Christmas themed Ewok?
  13. Perhaps some of you need to take the toxicity out of this post. Yuri has made a nice post updating us on recent changes to the map yet you guys are arguing over nothing.
  14. Galle

    Stark's Appeal

    I will be leaving a neutral until zaspan comments because I would like to hear his side \ Changing to -1, wait out your ban
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