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  1. Dude has been wanting to come back for awhile and I think he should be able to come back. He has shown remorse for his actions and should be unbanned
  2. I would say this sums up most situations where EC's are not following fearRP rules. I am not an EM but can speak on experience helping EM's and being an EC It would be impossible for an EM to run an event if their EC's get arrested in the first half of the event, an EM most of the times cannot afford to sacrifice their EC's till later. I understand that there are cases where fearRP should be applied but I goes back to can the EM sacrifice them.
  3. No riot, that's it imma riot
  4. Galle

    Can i be unbanned

    Please insert a picture of your ban appeal Put more of an effort in your answers -1 but subject to change
  5. That night was fucked on so many levels
  6. Galle

    epic SK tryouts

    Did someone say riot
  7. Just bring back riot, then the world will be at peace
  8. Your initial ban was for intending to share pornographic material Your ban appeal was approved on your third try and you were put on a 6 month probation period Before I post more, I want to know what he got warned for @Wingza
  9. Still can't believe the server hasn't branched into My Little Pony RP
  10. My opinion may be controversial but I think it all due to POWER. Why would a player who just joined the community want to join a regiment where their main purpose is only used in events whereas they could join another regiment which has unlimited control and power over a variety of areas. People in this community are sadly very power hungry and would rather control people than work with them.
  11. Galle

    My ban appeal

    Please make your own ban appeal instead of combining with one else, that's not how ban appeals work -1 until separate ban appeals are created
  12. Compforce should of been disbanded when Coalition of Progress died since it was there job to guard CoP. CP = DT 2.0
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