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  1. Damn, looks like IA will become cool again o7
  2. Massive -1 Not only did you disrespect Hyperion during the sit, you disrespected other members of the server during your sit You show little remorse for you actions and are acting very immature
  3. +1 Has been ages since ban and I believe you have learnt from your mistake
  4. You must of missed my post a couple of months ago because I stated that Sith do have power of military (same as military having power over Sith but that's irrelevant rn) Hawks is a High General equivalent outranking everyone in that room except the Moff. Sith have a very strict "Rules of Engagement" which were determined by the EM's and Matrix, it states that we cannot attack EC's unless having army around, I assume that SG were the first to the bridge so no army thus they refused to engage, even on your request. If you have evidence of the SG killing you then please forwa
  5. As a honest and unbiased opinion, I think Sith are pretty cool
  6. The IG logo on the trailer is sooo low res lol
  7. Galle

    Ban Appeal

    +1 Been over a year since ban Could you please provide the reason for the week ban
  8. I stubbed my toe against the coffee table, worst injury of my life
  9. I am honestly disgusted that this was even approved, removing an active regiment that has a dedicated commander for a custom regiment for someone who doesn't even play on the server. The clear bias from management towards a few members of the community is stupid I am not sorry if you think this comment is out of line
  10. Welcome, would you like a tour of the ISD
  11. Kevin still owes me money

  12. Back rubs for 1 credit

  13. Eshay's are gay 

    1. cornelius


      ill shank ya u aygay untcay

    2. Hyperion
  14. Sometimes, I dream about cheese

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