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  1. If you need fortnite wins add Nicholxs (I have 280 wins)
  2. Seems like you got ‘boarded’ in your English class too. (it’s bored not boarded)
  3. Could you please change my name to Clye. Thanks.
  4. Just to let you guys know I've changed my name to Clye, previously Nick as there is another Nick and a Nicholas. Just something different (edit: currently its Nick but It will be changed soon)
  5. Hey there! Some of you might already know me or have seen me in-game. If not, I'm Nick, I like playing RP's and enjoy starwars, especially this Imperial Gaming Starwars RP server. I've been playing on Imperial Gaming for around 2 weeks now, and I have to say I really enjoy it. I am a sergeant apart of the 996th Imperial Guard regiment, and I really enjoy playing as event characters. I hope to see some of you around!
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