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  1. Hello Dodger, thank you for taking the time to make a ban appeal. I banned you for player disrespect and minging, why did I that you ask? well simply because you have continuously disrespected and harassed valued members of this community as can been seen below Ardat and Scheff were the targets in this case but this wasn't the first time you've attacked these members is it? no it is not. If the harassment and disrespect of members in the community including myself isn't enough for this ban then maybe the constant minging will change you're mind. Dodger has been given chances time and time
  2. Part of the Game - 50c Head Cold - Spacey Jane @Luigi Where did you sleep last night - Nirvana Man of the Year - Juice WRLD The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears Deju Vu - Eminem Sea of Sorrow - Alice in Chains Many more but I don't want to make this message to long
  3. Happy Birthday! you both deserve to be spoiled
  4. Hello Cards welcome back to IG, how much effort and honesty you put into a ban appeal will make or break your chances of a successful appeal and in this case this application is lacking both. 2018 was awhile ago but that doesn't mean you get a free pass when appealing to be unbanned. If you put more effort and detail into your appeal such as how you have changed etc, I would be willing to return to this post and re-evaluate my response. I will not be supporting this appeal -1 (subject to change)
  5. A ban from 2016? jeez that is a first. Get this man back in here +1
  6. From my experience in the times when people choose not to seriously RP are when it is contained and away from everyone else. Like what was brought up before, ISB is renowned for being one of if not the most serious RP'd regiments on the server but even in ISB/COMPNOR there are times where serious RP is put to aside in times of low activity and no one is inside HQ for example we mess around a lot but no one not in ISB or COMPNOR would know that because it is kept away from everyone that may think badly of it. There is a time and a place for none serious RP on the server and that is when th
  7. Passed my driving test now I can drive wherever I desire Went clubbing in the city for the first time spent all my money Job hunting Hitting up chicks on Tinder
  8. First console was a DS lite and a Gameboy. First real game I got into was diddy kong racing and then got into Need for Speed Most Wanted on the Xbox, one of the best racing games ever to exist.
  9. Hyperion


    A genuine Role player Welcome to the forums!
  10. The face of terror.... The Giganotosaurus
  11. Hey Snoozy long time no see. Your ban occurred 2 years ago for harassing a member of management, while that was wrong of you, we all make questionable or bad decisions in the heat of the moment I for one have made a fair share of my own but I have learnt from those mistakes, they have helped shaped me to who I am today. In saying that I wouldn't have gone out of my way to make fun of someone let alone a member of management. When you were actively apart of the community you were a trusted and valued member among the server. I would like to see that Snoozy return to IG. I'm not sure if Fra
  12. I would like to see CFP return but only if the role they play on the server is made clear. From my experience creating propaganda for every event while it may be thrilling for the first month or two it will become repetitive and boring causing the regiment to drop in numbers and eventually die once more. If CFP can be something more then just propaganda then I can see it lasting but even then few people find that sort of RP enjoyable on a daily basis. In saying that a regiment does not need strong RP to be good, it just needs a great commander that will create the RP and make the regiment
  13. Give this man a probation period of a month and send him on his way. It has been over 3 years since his ban for mass RDM which is more then enough for the punishment. therefore I will be supporting this appeal unbanned with 1 month probation +1
  14. Khronos, you've been persistent with you're appeals and I can tell you are being honest when you say you're still the same person which shows you are generally trying for a second chance. While you're actions will not be forgotten anytime soon I do think you should be given a chance to show that you can be a member of the community. With other members being given a second chance with permanent probation I don't see why the same thing shouldn't be done here. Therefore I will be supporting this appeal ,+1 unban with permanent probation
  15. I hope with the increase in lower ranks CL3+ rank capacities are decreased as a result as to give those positions greater value. These changes are exciting to say the least, I hope the value of high ranking positions are held to a higher standard with the addition of more lower ranks, I am curious as to what @Guskywalker and @Jman1308 have in mind for all the other regiments on the server.
  16. Is this aimed towards Storm troopers? and I'm curious how you would make this RP happen
  17. The ban was a long time ago, if you want to be unbanned to play with your brother there is no problem with that whatsoever. As long as your monitored if you are successful with this appeal I believe you have severed your time for alting. Therefore I will be supporting this ban appeal +1 good luck!.
  18. Hello Tiger, from what you've provided on your application the ban was appropriate but since it has been about 8 months since the ban I believe you have more then served your time. If you and your friend are genuine about wanting to return to the community with a fresh slate to RP then I'd say your more then welcome to return with a probation period. *Due to more context and information being brought to light regarding this application I will be changing to a Neutral leaning towards Negative response on this application. Good Luck
  19. I got my account back thanks to the Steam Support team! You can all unblock me now if you want
  20. The plan is to do the same scam to the hacker. The hacker becomes the hacked
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