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  1. 1+ i really like the look of it and with a better looking commander nova can really turn it up
  2. NettLaw

    Star wars rp

    ok i have one thing to say if minging is using a gun that i didnt hear when people said not to use first problem, I DIDNT hear you second why give it to me then?
  3. NettLaw

    Star wars rp

    Steam Name: [IG] NettLaw Age: 14-15 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:33313882 In Game Name and Rank: pvt [NV-04] NettLaw Time Played (Server Time):over 24 hours Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): one, its was for missclicking my kill bind witch is k and my salute bind is j Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): i was mod on one server but unfortunately its shut down to low population Why are you applying to be an event master: we need more events and i think with a creative mind like mine we could really do something What can you bring to the event master team: welll i can bring a new look or perspective to the team What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative: Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: yes i have worked with them before Anything else you would like to add: i am still learning but with the help of the staff team i can grow to be more then just a event master Please fill out both event ideas and provide much detail as possible Event Idea 1: so there is a slave outpost on tatooine we have to secure the hostage but our ship gets shot down we must find a way to call in more ships but our comms have been jammed, we scourage the outpost and find a droid Event Idea 2: the droids left on abandoned cis outpost have been sent a emergency beacon and all the droids activated, a mass amount of energy is pulsing from the outpost but the comms have been interfered with the signal , you find 4 jedi light sabers and a broken bode that looks like the suit general grievous used to wear
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